Cut Time And Common Time Explained!

OK, so you know what 4/4 and 3/4 is in music – now let’s mix things up a bit with introducing 2/2 The TOP of the time signature tells you how many beats per measure (bpm), whereas the BOTTOM tells you “Which note gets the beat”. So an example is that in 7/8 – you […]

I Can’t Sightread!

If you were learning a new language (like Spanish, French, etc.) it would take you a few months to be able to speak it. The thing is that reading music is ALSO a language. So don’t expect to understand it over night. Truth is that you get out of it what you put into it.

BPM (Beats Per Minute) Explained (1 Of 3)!

Beats Per Minute, or BPM, refers to tempo. Tempo is how fast (or slow) something is played. Quincy Jones always said that tempo is what makes the song. And its true! If you were to take a slow song and play it very fast, you’ll quickly realize that you have completely changed the dynamic feel […]

Writing Crap Music

One of my students claimed that she constantly wrote ‘Crap’ music. The trick is to never give up. Also, that music isn’t ‘crap’ – if it came from your heart than nothing could be further from crap. Your emotion, passion, and talent is concealed in that piece of music you wrote. Be proud that you […]

Connecting Notes From Guitar To Piano!

Learning how to read music is great because it allows you to learn a universal language. Learning the techniques of each instrument is a separate undertaking. So what do you do when you learn how to sightread on piano, but you want to play a passge on guitar? Well, watch this video, and you’ll be […]

Explaining Time Signatures

Explaining Time Signatures Time Signatures are tricky, because people get them confused with key signatures but in reality, the two aren’t related – they’re simply next to each other in the sheet music. To understand time signatures you have to understand beats in music. So watch below and get up to snuff! Some examples of […]