Numbers As Intervals In Music

A lot of times, when referring to an interval, people will refer to it as a Number instead of the actual note. The example is that A B C# D E F# can be written as 1 2 3 4 5 6. This is effective because it easily allows you to change keys and transpose. […]

Easy Way To Learn Scales

Learning scales can be difficult. There are a few tricks to going about and speeding up the process. Understand that there are also Modes, too. You’ll be happy to learn that all the chords you know, as well as the modes and scales are all related! Watch this video for some tricks and tips!

Sibelius 6 Unboxing

Sibelius 6 has a lot of cool updates. Unboxings are when you open up a product for the first time and video tape it for others to see. Here we have a number of Sibelius Music Programs… for YOU! That’s why there are more than one! Lots of cool features, so stay tuned for more […]

Half Diminished Chords Explained!

Notice the double Flat 7th interval – this is the only difference between a Diminished and a Half Diminished Chord. What are Half Diminished Chords? Half Diminished Chord are built on this harmony: R b3, b5, b7. So in the key of C major the notes would be: C Eb Gb Bb What are Diminished […]

Double Sharps And Double Flats Explained!

We know what Sharps and Flats are – not let’s decode Double Sharps and Double Flats. Look at the picture below: The Double Sharp is the “X” symbol next to the quarter note. The “bb” symbol is the double flat. Basically, instead of going up or down one half step – you simply go up […]

Circle Of Fifths Hand Signs

There are times during a gig when you can’t talk, or the crowd is too loud. So what do you do if you have to communicate? You use Hand Signs. This practice refers to the Circle Of Fifths. Fingers pointing up refer to Sharps, and fingers pointing down refer to Flats. The number of fingers […]

Class 14: Notes From Piano To Guitar!

This is from my week 14 of my Revision 3 show! Music is a universal language. In this video I explain how to apply the notes from guitar to piano. reading music is easier than people make it out to be. Watch this video to see how to take a melody or song on guitar […]

Circle Of Fifths

Hello world! My name is James Dellay, some of you may see me around with the handle Jamesonwa or Jamesontop. My life has been dramatically changed just by picking up the theory and the understanding of music. I thought I would share a personal lesson I believe is ESSENTIAL to unlocking and opening a few […]

Music Modes Explained

OK, so yesterday I wrote a post about the Modes in music. Think of the modes as being a simple loaf of bread. Now… cut that loaf into 7 separate slices, and imagine every slice being a mode. If you combine all the slices (or modes) then you’ll realize they combine to make a whole. […]

Connecting Notes From Guitar To Piano!

Learning how to read music is great because it allows you to learn a universal language. Learning the techniques of each instrument is a separate undertaking. So what do you do when you learn how to sightread on piano, but you want to play a passge on guitar? Well, watch this video, and you’ll be […]