Percussive Barre Chords (1 Of 3)

What’s great about the guitar is that you can generate so many amazing sounds and emotions from it. One of those techniques is using your pick hand to create a Percussive effect. Creating a percussive effect sounds great over Barre chords, although they are difficult to play at first. But when mastered, they create a […]

Class 18: Double Stops

What are Double Stops? Double Stops are playing two notes together in harmony to the song. Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, and even Slash of Guns and Roses frequently use double stops in their solos, and song writing. John Petrucci even uses Double Stops when practicing his alternate picking. It helps to know How to […]

Palm Mute Electric Guitar

Palm Mutes are created with your pick hand by placing it on the bridge of your guitar. It is used to create tension and release. The cool thing is that you do not need to have an electric guitar in order for it to work – it actually sounds pretty cool on acoustic guitar, too. […]

Class #17 A And E Chords Explained!

This is from my week 17 of my Revision 3 show! How to play Guitar A and E chords! Well I did an earlier episode about beginner chords C, F, and G a few months ago. Since you have them down (right?!) then we can build on them! So to learn these chords it may […]

Having Trouble With Chord Changes! Tips!

OK, so we invited Juice back onto the show to show us MORE strumming tips, questions, and answers! When changing chords on guitar there are a few ‘tips and tricks’ to keep in mind. Watch the video below for more: Here’s help for switching between Chords: 1.) Slow down the tempo of the song. Alot […]