Eighth Notes Rests On Top Of A Note

Hi! I just had a question about Eighth Rests. I am trying to learn how to play The Portrait from the Titanic, and there are a lot of Eighth Rests directly above another note. What does that mean, and what am I supposed to do there? I attached a picture I attempted to draw on […]

Understanding 8va And 8vb In Music

What are Octaves? This video will help!. Essentially, Octaves are the idea of a same note being 12 semitones higher. What’s a semi-tone? A semi-tone is a half step. So a half step from A is A#, and a half-step from G is G#, etc. Likewise, a whole-tone is a whole step. So a whole […]

Unisons Explained Part 1

What are Unisons? Unisons are the same EXACT note played at two different positions on an instrument. A piano does NOT have unisons, but a guitar does! Usually, stringed instruments like Banjo, Violin, Guitar, etc have octaves and unisons, where as instruments like Flute, Piano, and Saxophone have ONLY the ability to play octaves. But […]