Eighth Notes Rests On Top Of A Note

Hi! I just had a question about Eighth Rests. I am trying to learn how to play The Portrait from the Titanic, and there are a lot of Eighth Rests directly above another note. What does that mean, and what am I supposed to do there? I attached a picture I attempted to draw on […]

Class 20: Alto Clef And The Great Staff Explained!

This video is from my weekly Revision3 Show The Alto Clef falls in between the Bass and Treble Clef. So if you think of Treble as being High in pitch, and Bass as low in pitch, then think of Alto as falling in the middle. The line in the middle of the Alto Clef represents […]

Understanding 8va And 8vb In Music

What are Octaves? This video will help!. Essentially, Octaves are the idea of a same note being 12 semitones higher. What’s a semi-tone? A semi-tone is a half step. So a half step from A is A#, and a half-step from G is G#, etc. Likewise, a whole-tone is a whole step. So a whole […]

Unisons Explained Part 1

What are Unisons? Unisons are the same EXACT note played at two different positions on an instrument. A piano does NOT have unisons, but a guitar does! Usually, stringed instruments like Banjo, Violin, Guitar, etc have octaves and unisons, where as instruments like Flute, Piano, and Saxophone have ONLY the ability to play octaves. But […]

Music Lesson: Ledger Lines

OK, so I get ALOT of questions about ledger lines. So here’s a video I made answering all those crazy questions. Basically, they extend the staff above and below the fine lines ‘EGBDF’