Week #21: Crab Drill

The Crab Drill is the idea of making your hands walk up and down the guitar similar to how a crab would do it. This purpose is to fool your brain into doing patterns that its not used to performing. The result is that you will tackle new techniques and playing patterns much easier. Because […]

Both Hands Piano

A lot of my students have trouble playing piano with both of their hands. The trick is to slow down the music to the point that your hands are playing together – even if its EXTREMELY slow and boring. Too many people try to play the song up to tempo, and then complain that they […]

After School

What should I do ‘After School’? Listen. People tend to talk too much. Pay attention to others, learn from them, and grow. Take risks. The best time to take a risk is After School. When you’re young, you can afford to fall flat on your face. Hustle. Do it every day. If you went to […]

How Long Til I Get Good At Guitar?

The short answer is that if you want to learn your introductory chords on guitar then it’ll take about 3 months, and that’s if you do it every day. There are only 7 chords – so imagine learning one chord a week, and then giving yourself another month to master the chord changes. You have […]

I Don't Have Patience

Be patient. You’re going to need it – because success isn’t overnight, it takes time. Building friendships, relationships, and talents is a day-to-day operation. There was a time when you couldn’t walk, talk, write, or even eat. But over time your body and brain learned to do these things. You were young, so you may […]

Preparation And Execution

Do whatever you do Every. Single. Day. How to Prepare and Execute? Be Well Rested. Eat well, sleep well. Your body is a machine that needs to be in top shape. Warm Up. You’re no different than Lance Armstrong or Machiavelli. Prepare for battle! Do it Everyday. Turn it into a habit, and your good […]

Class 18: Double Stops

What are Double Stops? Double Stops are playing two notes together in harmony to the song. Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, and even Slash of Guns and Roses frequently use double stops in their solos, and song writing. John Petrucci even uses Double Stops when practicing his alternate picking. It helps to know How to […]

Being Well Rested

Some say “Work Smart. Not Hard.”. But I say to “Work Smart AND Hard”. you’re body needs to be prepared for long days, and quick decisions. So, you HAVE to eat correctly, sleep well, and be merry. The way one lives their life creates the work they do. So LOVE your career, LOVE your friends, […]

Palm Mute Electric Guitar

Palm Mutes are created with your pick hand by placing it on the bridge of your guitar. It is used to create tension and release. The cool thing is that you do not need to have an electric guitar in order for it to work – it actually sounds pretty cool on acoustic guitar, too. […]

Make Up Your Own Drills

How to make up your own Guitar Drill First, find what’s bothering you. If its alternate picking, then simply focus and center in on the EXACT difficulty you’re having. This is because there are alot of things that could be holding you back. For example, if you are having trouble on changing between chords then […]

Advice: Do It Every Day

Wanna know the only difference between the best basketball players, football players, bloggers, musicians, and more? They do it EVERY DAY! I do my best to blog, write music, do my Revision 3 show, Ustream show, teach courses, and more. So when you want to master that guitar part, or play a fantastic show, or […]


Rejected Rejection is the best thing that can ever happen to you. Stand tall, and be strong. Work hard, and never give up :) Be happy when things don’t work out, because that means you’ve learned something new. And success is about building off of a number of failures. Don’t forget to join the Mailing […]

Whats A Metronome?

Metronomes are important so that you can keep time within your practices and continually increase speed. Think of it as a drummer. I recommend alot of metronomes. It something that you can manually change as your technical skills grow. Drummers don’t stay on perfect time (because they’re human, except for Mike Portnoy) AND they’re not […]