Cupcake Symphony #1

This video was the idea of Rana. She’s amazing ;) So basically, we took cupcakes and drew different music durations notes throughout. Then we used duck tape to make a treble clef on my table, and we placed the cupcakes in order to make a melody. This video was a blast. Its’ our first one, […]

A Perfectly Deceptive MySpace Bulletin

Here’s an interesting post – about another post :) I’m sure there’s others, but here’s the first Bulletin I’ve became aware of about someone writing about me. The support I get from people is amazing, whether its Ustream, Youtube, Twitter, or yes… MySpace. Cool Peeps! I have to split in 3 pieces, because its way […]

New Song "Circles"

You can also get the mp3 for free or feel free to purchase it. Here’s a description of the piece: Everything I see I always think of how things wind up where they start. Maybe its because thats how they were always meant to be, or maybe its because that’s what we’ve always strived for. […]