Cupcake Symphony #1

This video was the idea of Rana. She’s amazing ;) So basically, we took cupcakes and drew different music durations notes throughout. Then we used duck tape to make a treble clef on my table, and we placed the cupcakes in order to make a melody. This video was a blast. Its’ our first one, […]

Sibelius 6 Unboxing

Sibelius 6 has a lot of cool updates. Unboxings are when you open up a product for the first time and video tape it for others to see. Here we have a number of Sibelius Music Programs… for YOU! That’s why there are more than one! Lots of cool features, so stay tuned for more […]

Behind The Tech21 Music Factory!

In my show you’ll notice I use the Trademark 30 amplifier and their assortment of pedals. The other day I visited Tech 21 and was met by Dale Krevens and Andrew Barta, long time sponsors of my show! My show has grown to receive national press and is continuing to grow, and when Tech 21 […]

Basic Intervals (Part 1)

Watch this in order to understand the basic principles of Intervals. An interval is the difference between 2 notes. As a result, when you play a chord, you’re actually playing a series of intervals that create a triad, seventh chord, etc. To read Part 2 of Basic Intervals Click Here

Music Modes Explained (1 Of 4)

What is a Mode? A mode is a full scale, but starting and ending on any note within a scale. Its’ purpose is to create its own unique sound and emotion. Every mode has its’ own sound. Just as I mentioned in a previous blog of how an arpeggio is a broken chord, a mode […]

Go Powerful. Not Big. Guitar Trick

I notice guitar players CONSTANTLY trying to go big. The truth is, that a lot of times going softer is more effective and powerful than simply turning the dynamics on full blast. But this is true for ALL aspects of life – whether it be public speaking, creating a painting, or recording technique. Salvador Dali […]

The ‘Ovation Idea’ Guitar Unboxing!

I am THRILLED to announce our new sponsor – Ovation Guitars! They just released their new Ovation Idea guitar and it is amazing! Watch this video for the official UNboxing – you guitar players will love it, as I will be using it on my show for now on. So you will get an in-depth […]