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11 Twitter Tips For Musicians


1.) Retweet. It not about you. It’s about me. It’s about the other guy and girl. Retweeting

2.) Become part of the community. Follow people of your interest, and share the love.

3.) Hashtags! Don’t just tweet – categorize your tweets! Hashtags allow people to connect through similar interests. If I Hashtag (#) a tweet as #WaltRequest and tell my community to request a song for one of my gigs, I now have a LIVE poll of suggestions of songs to play. Meanwhile, people are retweeting, following me, investing in the show, and more.

4.) Tweetup. Networking is important, but where are all the cool meetups at? Well, you can search Meetup.com, Garysguide.org, Google, or email people – but consider going to musician meetups and connecting with music directors, publishers, artists, and more. You never know when you’ll need that producer you connected with last month.

5.) Go Mobile. Content is king. Now imagine NEVER having an excuse to not create content. Use the Ustream App, sync your Tweets to your cell phone, Twitpic your fans at your shows.

6.) Promote. Some would call it Spam – but Spam is tasteless. Promotion is not. Learn how to be your biggest fan. Don’t just tell people what your eating for dinner, tell them about your new CD release and how they can be a part of it!

7.) Twitter Search. Perhaps one of the biggest and most important domains online. Search what the world is saying.. in real time! Search your name, your drummer, your gigs, and more.

8.) Facebook it. Adding this application markets you to whole other group of people – your friends! Updating your status to thousands of Twitter followers is great – but more is better. Also, at the same time it markets your Twitter handle to your friends, so they can decide to follow you on Twitter too!

9.) Reply. I always say “Customer Service is the new viral marketing.” You know how you feel when a company doesn’t reply back to your emails. Well, now imagine how someone feels when a musician doesn’t reply back to his fans. Respond, care and invest in your community – in the way they took 5 minutes out of their day to invest in you.

10.) Avatar. Which picture grabs your attention? An electric guitar, or bacon? Well, it doesn’t matter – what matters is that regardless of the content behind the picture links (they both lead back here) you already made a decision and judgment to what the link led to. Just as the Youtube center pic is important, and your CD cover is important, so is your Twitter Avatar. An old restaurant saying “You taste the food with your eyes before your mouth” – same goes for everything.

11.) Go back to number one and keep reading until you ‘get it’. Because when you do you’ll be as happy as the singing bird above :)

Change Of Heart

No more Guitar. I found my true passion: The paper.

Ever since I first played the paper I instantly felt connected. Its like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. This is where I belong.

I remember where I almost quit before. But the guitar drew me back in, but this time its this little piece of paper has captured my passion.

Follow me on Twitter @WaltRibeiro for more paper updates :)

Inversions Explained!

Inversions in music are the idea of ‘flipping’ two notes around. So in stead of the intervals from C to G (which is 5 notes away – C D E F G) you simply invert that creating an interval from G to C (which is 4 notes away G A B C)

Inversions follow the concept of “Rule of 9

Note Tonalities In Keys!

In a C Major Scale you have the notes C D E F G A B C.

In this video I explain the use of notes in reference to the Key Signature they are in. So for example the note ‘C’ can be the 2nd note in the key of Bb, the 1st note in C major, or even the 6th note in Eb Major.

Its important to understand Intervals, because the notes placement in the key is dependent upon what interval it is in reference to the other notes!

Basic Intervals (Part 1)

Watch this in order to understand the basic principles of Intervals. An interval is the difference between 2 notes. As a result, when you play a chord, you’re actually playing a series of intervals that create a triad, seventh chord, etc.

To read Part 2 of Basic Intervals Click Here

Class 14: Notes From Piano To Guitar!

This is from my week 14 of my Revision 3 show!

Music is a universal language. In this video I explain how to apply the notes from guitar to piano. reading music is easier than people make it out to be. Watch this video to see how to take a melody or song on guitar and apply it to piano, flute, or any other instrument!

From Revision3 Beta Show

For more video be sure to check this link!

We Helped Over 900 Kids Through DonorsChoose.org Fundraiser!

DonorsChoose.org Bloggers Challenge

I mentioned in an earlier post about how I was chosen to help for Donor’s Choose.org’s Bloggers Challenge. Well all in all we raised over a $1,300 and helped over 900 kids in their need for music supplies and more education.

Typepad mentioned about the results of this October’s Blogger’s Challenge, and Six Apart reported on it when it first happened, too. Basically, its a competition amongst bloggers to raise money within their communities for a good cause: help with classroom projects specified by public school teachers all around the country.

Last year’s winner, Sarah Bunting of Tomato Nation once again won this year after raising $111,352 and helping over 19,577 students. Six Apart made this cool video giving everybody involved a nice shout out:

Here’s a list of the winners in each category:

  • Tech Blog category, Fred Wilson’s AVC blog reached  4,545 students
  • Science Blog category, David Ng and Benjamin Cohen’s The World’s Fair blog reached 1,780 students
  • Topical/Local Blogs category, Ralph Alswang Photography reached 522 students
  • Mommy Blog and BlogHer category, Alice of Finslippy reached 1,676 students
  • Knitting Blogs category, Rose-Kim Knits reached 597 students
  • Black Bloggers for Education category, The Assimilated Negro reached 100 students
  • Sports Blog category, Sports Crackle Pop reached 465 kids
  • Thanks guys for all your support! It was for an awesome cause, and my thanks to Donors Choose too! glad we could help, and look forward to doing it again next year!

    What Should I Learn? Piano Or Guitar

    It comes down to this one question:

    What are you more passionate about? If you love piano more than guitar, but think that guitar will be easier to learn, then you’re wrong. The truth is, that ANY instrument, when you’re passionate about it, is the easiest one to learn.

    So do what you feel is in your interest, and the rest will follow.