I’m In HD!

Now you get to see all my imperfections! Here it is through Viddler: Here it is through Youtube: Here it is through Blip: The Viddler embed looks crisp – doesn’t it? What do you guys think? Blip, Youtube, Viddler, etc…

11 Twitter Tips For Musicians

1.) Retweet. It not about you. It’s about me. It’s about the other guy and girl. Retweeting 2.) Become part of the community. Follow people of your interest, and share the love. 3.) Hashtags! Don’t just tweet – categorize your tweets! Hashtags allow people to connect through similar interests. If I Hashtag (#) a tweet […]

Change Of Heart

No more Guitar. I found my true passion: The paper. Ever since I first played the paper I instantly felt connected. Its like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. This is where I belong. I remember where I almost quit before. But the guitar drew me back in, but this time its this little […]

Inversions Explained!

Inversions in music are the idea of ‘flipping’ two notes around. So in stead of the intervals from C to G (which is 5 notes away – C D E F G) you simply invert that creating an interval from G to C (which is 4 notes away G A B C) Inversions follow the […]

Basic Intervals (Part 1)

Watch this in order to understand the basic principles of Intervals. An interval is the difference between 2 notes. As a result, when you play a chord, you’re actually playing a series of intervals that create a triad, seventh chord, etc. To read Part 2 of Basic Intervals Click Here

We Helped Over 900 Kids Through DonorsChoose.org Fundraiser!

I mentioned in an earlier post about how I was chosen to help for Donor’s Choose.org’s Bloggers Challenge. Well all in all we raised over a $1,300 and helped over 900 kids in their need for music supplies and more education. Typepad mentioned about the results of this October’s Blogger’s Challenge, and Six Apart reported […]