Being Told No

When someone tells you that you can’t do something then look them in the face and prove them wrong. Lance Armstrong overcame cancer, Michael Jordan overcame being cut from his High School Basketball team. Michael Phelps achieved every Gold Medal in the Olympic in 2008. But let’s take it further into every day living. Don’t […]

Get Offline

The most important part to being online is being offline. Break away from your computer. Meet people, go on tour. The bottom line in all of this is that hugs and handshakes make the difference. So get out there and do it. You get more done in a 5 minute in person conversation than you […]

After School

What should I do ‘After School’? Listen. People tend to talk too much. Pay attention to others, learn from them, and grow. Take risks. The best time to take a risk is After School. When you’re young, you can afford to fall flat on your face. Hustle. Do it every day. If you went to […]

I Don't Have Patience

Be patient. You’re going to need it – because success isn’t overnight, it takes time. Building friendships, relationships, and talents is a day-to-day operation. There was a time when you couldn’t walk, talk, write, or even eat. But over time your body and brain learned to do these things. You were young, so you may […]

Preparation And Execution

Do whatever you do Every. Single. Day. How to Prepare and Execute? Be Well Rested. Eat well, sleep well. Your body is a machine that needs to be in top shape. Warm Up. You’re no different than Lance Armstrong or Machiavelli. Prepare for battle! Do it Everyday. Turn it into a habit, and your good […]

Advice: Do It Every Day

Wanna know the only difference between the best basketball players, football players, bloggers, musicians, and more? They do it EVERY DAY! I do my best to blog, write music, do my Revision 3 show, Ustream show, teach courses, and more. So when you want to master that guitar part, or play a fantastic show, or […]


Rejected Rejection is the best thing that can ever happen to you. Stand tall, and be strong. Work hard, and never give up :) Be happy when things don’t work out, because that means you’ve learned something new. And success is about building off of a number of failures. Don’t forget to join the Mailing […]