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Class 14: Notes From Piano To Guitar!

This is from my week 14 of my Revision 3 show!

Music is a universal language. In this video I explain how to apply the notes from guitar to piano. reading music is easier than people make it out to be. Watch this video to see how to take a melody or song on guitar and apply it to piano, flute, or any other instrument!

From Revision3 Beta Show

For more video be sure to check this link!

Understanding Half Notes – Tricky Little Critters!

Half Notes are difficult to learn, but just know that every note is based and related to every other note. So what’s that mean? Well, quarter notes are half the beat of half notes. Half notes get half the beat that whole nots get, etc. So the first step is the hardest. The video below will help you, and the chart below that will show you the ‘Note Tree’ – which lays out all the notes and their duration!

Notice below is a ‘Note Tree’. Whole notes get 4 beats, Half notes get 2 beats, Quarter Notes get 1 beat, and Eighth notes get 1/2 a beat.

So the math shows you that Half Notes equal two quarter notes in music. So you may be asking yourself “What’s a Beat?”. Watch this video to find out and when you’re finished with that one, be sure to follow the second video.

Connecting Notes From Guitar To Piano!

Learning how to read music is great because it allows you to learn a universal language. Learning the techniques of each instrument is a separate undertaking.

So what do you do when you learn how to sightread on piano, but you want to play a passge on guitar? Well, watch this video, and you’ll be good to go!

How do I transfer notes from Guitar to Piano?

Well, first it helps to know how to read music. At this point, when you play the music on guitar simply translate the notes from guitar to the sheet music.

Next, simply play the music as written on piano. You now have an exact translation from guitar to piano. For the above video Permalink click here

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