I Can’t Sightread!

If you were learning a new language (like Spanish, French, etc.) it would take you a few months to be able to speak it. The thing is that reading music is ALSO a language. So don’t expect to understand it over night. Truth is that you get out of it what you put into it.

Class 14: Notes From Piano To Guitar!

This is from my week 14 of my Revision 3 show! Music is a universal language. In this video I explain how to apply the notes from guitar to piano. reading music is easier than people make it out to be. Watch this video to see how to take a melody or song on guitar […]

Understanding Half Notes – Tricky Little Critters!

Half Notes are difficult to learn, but just know that every note is based and related to every other note. So what’s that mean? Well, quarter notes are half the beat of half notes. Half notes get half the beat that whole nots get, etc. So the first step is the hardest. The video below […]

Connecting Notes From Guitar To Piano!

Learning how to read music is great because it allows you to learn a universal language. Learning the techniques of each instrument is a separate undertaking. So what do you do when you learn how to sightread on piano, but you want to play a passge on guitar? Well, watch this video, and you’ll be […]