Sibelius 6 Unboxing

Sibelius 6 has a lot of cool updates. Unboxings are when you open up a product for the first time and video tape it for others to see. Here we have a number of Sibelius Music Programs… for YOU! That’s why there are more than one! Lots of cool features, so stay tuned for more […]

Week #21: Crab Drill

The Crab Drill is the idea of making your hands walk up and down the guitar similar to how a crab would do it. This purpose is to fool your brain into doing patterns that its not used to performing. The result is that you will tackle new techniques and playing patterns much easier. Because […]

Augmented And Diminished Chords!

Augmented and Diminished Chords allow you to create tension in your music. Rather than simply using Major and Minor triads, you can flatten the third, or fifth intervals, and create ‘movement ‘ in your chords. Tension leads to release, and that’s how 7th Chords work, too! So watch this below and learn about these chords […]

Change Of Heart

No more Guitar. I found my true passion: The paper. Ever since I first played the paper I instantly felt connected. Its like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. This is where I belong. I remember where I almost quit before. But the guitar drew me back in, but this time its this little […]

Inversions Explained!

Inversions in music are the idea of ‘flipping’ two notes around. So in stead of the intervals from C to G (which is 5 notes away – C D E F G) you simply invert that creating an interval from G to C (which is 4 notes away G A B C) Inversions follow the […]

Note Tonalities In Keys!

In a C Major Scale you have the notes C D E F G A B C. In this video I explain the use of notes in reference to the Key Signature they are in. So for example the note ‘C’ can be the 2nd note in the key of Bb, the 1st note in […]

More Triplets (1 Of 2)

Triplets are the concept of fitting “3 notes in the space of two”. So in a measure of 4/4, we all know that quarter notes get the beat. As a result, there would be 2 eighth notes for every beat. But now if I fit 3 eighth notes in a beat rather than 2, I […]

Both Hands Piano

A lot of my students have trouble playing piano with both of their hands. The trick is to slow down the music to the point that your hands are playing together – even if its EXTREMELY slow and boring. Too many people try to play the song up to tempo, and then complain that they […]

Basic Intervals (Part 2)

Basic Intervals in music allow you to understabd chord strcutires and nthe realtive distance between notes. Why is this important? Because its everything that music revolves around – notes! Let’s base this off of the ‘C’ Major Scale: C D E F G A B C (the intervals here are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, […]

Basic Intervals (Part 1)

Watch this in order to understand the basic principles of Intervals. An interval is the difference between 2 notes. As a result, when you play a chord, you’re actually playing a series of intervals that create a triad, seventh chord, etc. To read Part 2 of Basic Intervals Click Here