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Elearning Africa Helps Teachers In Dakar 2009

Africa has entered e-learning. The entire program, known as eLa, helps educators in Africa and allow them to become familiar with distance learning tools. I’ve worked with DonorsChoose in order to help over 900 kids in need and raised a lot of money for them, and I really feel that using the internet for education is awesome! Its how I built my entire brand and my online community.

So where is E-Learning Africa taking place in 2009?

This year, the eLa event will take place in Dakar. This is the 4th International Conference on ICT for developement and is one of the largest educational events on the African continent. eLa, who as sponsors ranging from ncomputing, microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Nokia, to YPD Education, it looks very promising. Interesting though is how Air France is on board for this elearning venture, whereas an Airline like Virgin would probably be more suitable due to its online internet access and WiFi.

Good Timing. This all comes at an interesting time with the launch of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) which allows families in need to own laptops for $100. The world is slowly becoming more connected through things like Ustream and Twitter, and affordablility of the technology! ELa collects donations to sponsor men and women from remote regions who would not otherwise be able to attend. To learn more about it and what you can do simply go here

More Triplets (1 Of 2)

Triplets are the concept of fitting “3 notes in the space of two”. So in a measure of 4/4, we all know that quarter notes get the beat. As a result, there would be 2 eighth notes for every beat. But now if I fit 3 eighth notes in a beat rather than 2, I have now created a triplet. A good example of a song that uses triplets is Humpty Dumpty ;)

To learn more about Triplets click here

Go Powerful. Not Big. Guitar Trick

I notice guitar players CONSTANTLY trying to go big. The truth is, that a lot of times going softer is more effective and powerful than simply turning the dynamics on full blast. But this is true for ALL aspects of life – whether it be public speaking, creating a painting, or recording technique.

Salvador Dali went powerful. So did The Dalai Lama.
My advice – Don’t say in 3 words what should only take 1.

Go big. Silence speaks:




There are Six strings on the guitar (EADGBE) but if you tune them accordingly to DADGBE, then that is called DAD-GAD tuning. Likeso, taking those same strings you can tune them to any notes you want, but another tuning is GGDGBD.

Try your own tuning and see what you come up with!