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Stephen Colbert At Donors Choose NYC Event

The other day Stephen Colbert was at New York’s Manhattan Bridges High School in order to interview Charles Best of Donors Choose.org. For those unfamiliar, Donors Choose is “an online organization that allows teachers to request needed funding from individual donors for classroom projects not covered by school budgets.”

Here’s video of me in the Press Section of Stephen Colbert’s DonorsChoose Event:

Here’s how the official video looks:

Video Link



Little did I know that Donors Choose has their own Youtube Page – Awesome! So I was pleased to learn that the videos are available for your viewing pleasure!

As you all know – I helped with Donors Choose’s Blogger Challenge

This all came to the attention of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation‘s announcement of a $4.1 million grant for DonorsChoose.org, a nonprofit organization.

I learned the other day that Colbert is a board member and supporter of DonorsChoose.org – where he mentioned that he had found out about it through Craig Newmark. Basically, the story mentioned that Craig made a donation in the name of his Presidential Campaign.

All in all it was a blast. Enjoy the videos!

We Helped Over 900 Kids Through DonorsChoose.org Fundraiser!

DonorsChoose.org Bloggers Challenge

I mentioned in an earlier post about how I was chosen to help for Donor’s Choose.org’s Bloggers Challenge. Well all in all we raised over a $1,300 and helped over 900 kids in their need for music supplies and more education.

Typepad mentioned about the results of this October’s Blogger’s Challenge, and Six Apart reported on it when it first happened, too. Basically, its a competition amongst bloggers to raise money within their communities for a good cause: help with classroom projects specified by public school teachers all around the country.

Last year’s winner, Sarah Bunting of Tomato Nation once again won this year after raising $111,352 and helping over 19,577 students. Six Apart made this cool video giving everybody involved a nice shout out:

Here’s a list of the winners in each category:

  • Tech Blog category, Fred Wilson’s AVC blog reached  4,545 students
  • Science Blog category, David Ng and Benjamin Cohen’s The World’s Fair blog reached 1,780 students
  • Topical/Local Blogs category, Ralph Alswang Photography reached 522 students
  • Mommy Blog and BlogHer category, Alice of Finslippy reached 1,676 students
  • Knitting Blogs category, Rose-Kim Knits reached 597 students
  • Black Bloggers for Education category, The Assimilated Negro reached 100 students
  • Sports Blog category, Sports Crackle Pop reached 465 kids
  • Thanks guys for all your support! It was for an awesome cause, and my thanks to Donors Choose too! glad we could help, and look forward to doing it again next year!