Napster Killed The Pirate-Star

…Or maybe Napster created the Pirate Star. Either way, people have always stole music and art, but this became a common problem when Napster allowed ‘mass file sharing’. As a result – literally overnight – founder/creator Shawn Fanning changed the music world forever. People no longer were handing off burned CD’s to one or two […]

RIAA Abandons Lawsuits While 95% Of Music Is Illegally Downloaded

Hmmm…. coincidence? Gizmodo published an article claiming that 95% of downloaded music is pirated which comes at an interesting time considering that the RIAA just announced last week that they are uplifting lawsuits. Well, now as we enter the New Media age, things are changing… quickly. Today’s music is from independent artists. The internet is […]

Why Creative Commons Rocks!

Creative Commons is the new Copyright. I refer to it as Copyright 2.0 Why is this important, well, because my music is licensed Creative Commons which allows people to use my music, mash it up, and do what they want with it. Here’s the license which allows you to remix, mash-up, do whatever you like. […]