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Twitter Brings Back @Replies After Uproar

Today, Twitter did the dumbest thing ever, and took away @Replies from people. Then finally, after the community uproar decided to retract their steps and bring it back.


As a marketing and social media guy specializing in music, I always keep a close eye to how these companies do things. I always think that these sites do this in order to test the community and create free PR. I even let my community know about it, and some agreed it was a possible occurrence.

So Twitter has fixed it by doing two things:

1.) Replies used from the arrow reply within the website will continue to be seen by everyone.

2.) Allowing a per-user choice of how replies and conversations are displayed to you. I wonder if this will battle Twirl, Tweetie, Tweetdeck, Ping.fm, Twitterific, TwitterFon and many other sites in hope to drive more traffic to Twitter’s website as opposed to third party clients.


I rememeber when Facebook redid their Terms of Service a few months ago basically claiming to own all of your content – Forever! As a result, the media picked up on it and the whole world went crazy – rightfully so. But look at what happens when people uproar: The community gets closer!

The reason why Creative Commons is such a viral tactic for companies, bands, and content producers is because it allows their content to be shared and as a result be seen by people that they would never have had access to through other means. The same goes with this Twitter mistake : when a company makes its’ community unhappy – people tell their Facebook friends, email people, retweet, youtube, etc. their thoughts. The fact that people on Twitter get upset gives us all something to talk about and connect with each other.

This is just my theory, but its a good one – because if Techcrunch no longer allowed comments on their blog, then their subscribers would let them know – but ultimately, it would create a stronger community, because after Techcrunch allowed comments again, then the community would feel a sense of satisfaction and closeness.

Anyway, I’m glad Twitter learned from their mistakes, and I’m glad social media brought us all together – because ultimately, that’s what it was for in the first place.

Be Yourself

“Be Yourself, because everybody else is already taken”

My friend Shira Lazar shot this Twitter update and I thought it was the best thing I had read all month. This is true – because in a world where everybody is worrying about which click or group they connect with and trying to make other people happy, the one’s they always forget about are themselves. This is how I truly feel – apparently I’m not alone!

Be yourself – because authenticity is viral.

11 Twitter Tips For Musicians


1.) Retweet. It not about you. It’s about me. It’s about the other guy and girl. Retweeting

2.) Become part of the community. Follow people of your interest, and share the love.

3.) Hashtags! Don’t just tweet – categorize your tweets! Hashtags allow people to connect through similar interests. If I Hashtag (#) a tweet as #WaltRequest and tell my community to request a song for one of my gigs, I now have a LIVE poll of suggestions of songs to play. Meanwhile, people are retweeting, following me, investing in the show, and more.

4.) Tweetup. Networking is important, but where are all the cool meetups at? Well, you can search Meetup.com, Garysguide.org, Google, or email people – but consider going to musician meetups and connecting with music directors, publishers, artists, and more. You never know when you’ll need that producer you connected with last month.

5.) Go Mobile. Content is king. Now imagine NEVER having an excuse to not create content. Use the Ustream App, sync your Tweets to your cell phone, Twitpic your fans at your shows.

6.) Promote. Some would call it Spam – but Spam is tasteless. Promotion is not. Learn how to be your biggest fan. Don’t just tell people what your eating for dinner, tell them about your new CD release and how they can be a part of it!

7.) Twitter Search. Perhaps one of the biggest and most important domains online. Search what the world is saying.. in real time! Search your name, your drummer, your gigs, and more.

8.) Facebook it. Adding this application markets you to whole other group of people – your friends! Updating your status to thousands of Twitter followers is great – but more is better. Also, at the same time it markets your Twitter handle to your friends, so they can decide to follow you on Twitter too!

9.) Reply. I always say “Customer Service is the new viral marketing.” You know how you feel when a company doesn’t reply back to your emails. Well, now imagine how someone feels when a musician doesn’t reply back to his fans. Respond, care and invest in your community – in the way they took 5 minutes out of their day to invest in you.

10.) Avatar. Which picture grabs your attention? An electric guitar, or bacon? Well, it doesn’t matter – what matters is that regardless of the content behind the picture links (they both lead back here) you already made a decision and judgment to what the link led to. Just as the Youtube center pic is important, and your CD cover is important, so is your Twitter Avatar. An old restaurant saying “You taste the food with your eyes before your mouth” – same goes for everything.

11.) Go back to number one and keep reading until you ‘get it’. Because when you do you’ll be as happy as the singing bird above :)

iJustine, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ben Parr, Mashable, And Me On NME Panel

I was at New Media Expo 2008 which is now been reformatted as Blogworld. While there I was asked to be on a panel Moderated by Mashable.com‘s Ben Parr and streamed on Ustream.TV. While there, we talked about the future of New Media and how its all headed to be 100% mobile computing (and that includes cloud computing).

iJustine and Gary Vaynerchuk were a blast to be with – and Ben Parr did a good job of keeping our loud selves in check! :)

Its an exciting time to be alive! I love staying connected with all of you – and I hope you enjoy the video!

Tumblr Icon Vs. Twitter Icon

I’ve been updating my website with new favicons – as you may notice above the search bar to the right. Well, I just noticed that the Tumblr favicon is similar to the Twitter Icon:

Sure – they both start with ‘T’s’, and use blue, but its a slight problem when it comes to Brand Identity.For example, Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops both start with the same Letter, but their logo is distinctly different. Even their mascots are different:

Twitter is quickly becoming a huge site, and its important to differentiate itself from the competition – and this includes the Brand (the name, the service, etc.)

I really like the Twitter Icon a lot – it seems ‘friendlier’ than the Tumblr Icon :) I just hope people realize that the favicon is to my Twitter.

Go Powerful. Not Big. Guitar Trick

I notice guitar players CONSTANTLY trying to go big. The truth is, that a lot of times going softer is more effective and powerful than simply turning the dynamics on full blast. But this is true for ALL aspects of life – whether it be public speaking, creating a painting, or recording technique.

Salvador Dali went powerful. So did The Dalai Lama.
My advice – Don’t say in 3 words what should only take 1.

Go big. Silence speaks:


Who’s Your Biggest Fan?

You are.

I recently started a Fanpage my Music on Facebook for everyone who supports my music. In turn, I joined the page as a fan. As a result, people started emailing me and asking why I would do that.

Kevin Rose should wear his Diggnation shirt.
Lisa Bettany should wear her shirt.
Gary should wear his Wristband.
Jason Calacanis should be the most active user in his community.
Fred should wear his hats, etc.

Gary rockin the wristband

Lisa rockin her shirt.

If you don’t believe in yourself than no one will. You HAVE to be your biggest fan.

So who’s your biggest fan now?

You Are :)

Will MagPie Destroy Twitter?

MagPie.com Logo Advertise through Twitter

OK, so yesterday I heard about a service called MagPie. It’s basically like having Google Adsense but for your Twitter Profile.

How Does MagPie Work?

You simply tell MagPie how frequent you want it to send out tweets, etc. and what content your Twitter Profile is about. That’s it, they do the rest.

The end of Twitter?

I feel that this doesn’t mean the end of Twitter. Advertising never stopped the end of MySpace or Facebook. In fact, these advertising campaigns are welcomed by the community as long as they are tasteful and relative to the content you’ve subscribed to. I do a Music Lesson Show, so if I teach a Show on How to Read Music, then those who are watching would absolutely welcome it if I promoted a book on How to Read Music within that Blog post or Video Podcast for further learning. I do feel that it may be the end of your Twitter Profile. Maybe…

How Much Money can I make with MagPie?

Apparently, I can make up to $200 dollars a month using this service. But the ‘Up To’ part has me a little skeptical. There are just too many variations when it comes to Ad Campaigns, so I probably wouldn’t see all that money.

I currently have over 1,050 Twitter Followers

So I did some searches to see how much money some of the Most Prominent Twitterers could make :)

KevinRose of www.kevinrose.com = $17,000
StephenTColbert of www.colbertnation.com = $250
ijustine of www.ijustine.com = $7,000
MCHammer of www.dancejam.com = $3,000
Chris Brogan of www.chrisbrogan.com = $20,000
Leo Laporte of www.leoville.com = $4,000
Barack Obama of www.barackobama.com = $5,000
John McCain of www.johnmccain.com = $100
UstreamTV of www.ustream.tv = $2,500
TechCrunch = $14,000

You see, the community that you take so long to build day in and day out would feel rejected and ‘cheated’ on if you began to monetize your Twitter Feed, rather than connect with them. Besides, if you had that many twitter followers you could easily monetize your feed by simply negotiating with companies on your own time, and for more money. It may be good to get some extra cash, but ultimately, is it worth the price? Is that extra money really worth putting your community at risk and going for the quick ‘short-term’ profit?

So would YOU do it? Let me know!