Twitter Brings Back @Replies After Uproar

Today, Twitter did the dumbest thing ever, and took away @Replies from people. Then finally, after the community uproar decided to retract their steps and bring it back. As a marketing and social media guy specializing in music, I always keep a close eye to how these companies do things. I always think that these […]

Be Yourself

“Be Yourself, because everybody else is already taken” My friend Shira Lazar shot this Twitter update and I thought it was the best thing I had read all month. This is true – because in a world where everybody is worrying about which click or group they connect with and trying to make other people […]

11 Twitter Tips For Musicians

1.) Retweet. It not about you. It’s about me. It’s about the other guy and girl. Retweeting 2.) Become part of the community. Follow people of your interest, and share the love. 3.) Hashtags! Don’t just tweet – categorize your tweets! Hashtags allow people to connect through similar interests. If I Hashtag (#) a tweet […]

Tumblr Icon Vs. Twitter Icon

I’ve been updating my website with new favicons – as you may notice above the search bar to the right. Well, I just noticed that the Tumblr favicon is similar to the Twitter Icon: Sure – they both start with ‘T’s’, and use blue, but its a slight problem when it comes to Brand Identity.For […]

Go Powerful. Not Big. Guitar Trick

I notice guitar players CONSTANTLY trying to go big. The truth is, that a lot of times going softer is more effective and powerful than simply turning the dynamics on full blast. But this is true for ALL aspects of life – whether it be public speaking, creating a painting, or recording technique. Salvador Dali […]

Who’s Your Biggest Fan?

You are. I recently started a Fanpage my Music on Facebook for everyone who supports my music. In turn, I joined the page as a fan. As a result, people started emailing me and asking why I would do that. Kevin Rose should wear his Diggnation shirt. Lisa Bettany should wear her shirt. Gary should […]

Will MagPie Destroy Twitter?

OK, so yesterday I heard about a service called MagPie. It’s basically like having Google Adsense but for your Twitter Profile. How Does MagPie Work? You simply tell MagPie how frequent you want it to send out tweets, etc. and what content your Twitter Profile is about. That’s it, they do the rest. The end […]