Circle Of Fifths Hand Signs

There are times during a gig when you can’t talk, or the crowd is too loud. So what do you do if you have to communicate? You use Hand Signs. This practice refers to the Circle Of Fifths. Fingers pointing up refer to Sharps, and fingers pointing down refer to Flats. The number of fingers […]

Chord Functions Explained!

What are chord functions? OK, so you know the major and minor scales perfectly, and all of your chords. But what now? how can you put them together to write songs? Well, use Chord Functions! Basically, you build chords off of the notes in the scale. So it looks like this: 1 MAJOR 2 minor […]

Circle Of Fifths

Hello world! My name is James Dellay, some of you may see me around with the handle Jamesonwa or Jamesontop. My life has been dramatically changed just by picking up the theory and the understanding of music. I thought I would share a personal lesson I believe is ESSENTIAL to unlocking and opening a few […]