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First Impressions Strike More Than Once

I read a recent blog post by Alex Hillman titled “I Follow You” and he mentioned how first impressions are important. Alex knows what he’s talking about, and I absolutely agree, because its like that with everything. (Approaching someone on the telephone = Don’t Stutter, make it quick, know what your saying, be patient, be sincere.)

But while first impressions are thought as to be important, I feel that to make a final impression of someone’s character, or who they are, within a split second can be deadly. As a result, I left a comment on his Blog about how I’m more into second, third, fourth, and fifth impressions. This is for a few reasons:

Everybody makes mistakes.

People get nervous, things don’t act right, and

It’s harder to lie to me five times than it is just once.

If people have the wrong intentions for things, ulterior motives, etc. then its easier to ‘put on a face’ or simply ‘play game’ for 15 minutes. But if you were to do it for five meeting averaging 30 minutes each meeting, then its ALOT harder.

I’ve been the bad first impression suspect before.

I guess this falls under the “Treat other how you would expect to be treated” category. I recently sent out a Newsletter of mine that was a response to one of my student’s emails. It basically mentioned how I’ve made mistakes, had tough roads like everyone else, and just took it for what it was. So in the way I’ve made bad first impressions, or done something wrong and wished for a second chance, I always try to give that opportunity back to others.

I remember my old College Professor at Uarts once said the number one rule in business is “Basically, don’t be an idiot.” These words are true, but things aren’t nearly as complicated as people make them out to be. Me, personally, I feel that ever situation is different, and to rely on one set of rules for any given act in one’s life is eventually not the way to be. I always travel alone, and feel that my impressions have grown stronger from it.

Although first impressions may be important, I feel that being around someone who judges others on first impressions is in itself a bad impression to make.

What are your thoughts? Do you think first impressions are important?

Creating An Effective Presentation (2 Of 2)

This is a continuation of my previous Post! Go here to read it.

You have to be your biggest fan!

Wear your Merchandise, be the loudest and most active member in your forum, be confident in what you do, and do it everyday.

Practice what you preach

OK, I tell my students that they have to practice everyday. that’s why I blog, email, Ustream, and do what I do everyday. it shows them that its possible – and the best teachers are the ones who lead by example.

Be everywhere

TubeMogul, drive places, knock on doors, join forums, and more

Make the best Video/Audio quality possible

I notice that content is important, but I also notice that a video that is in High Definition is almost always going to get tons more hits than its Low Video Quality Counterpart.

You Can’t create a Market!

Think you got the big idea? Great – but don’t think you can force people to enjoy it or use it. The demand has to already be there BEFORE you thought of the product or business model. Even back in 1980 there was a demand for an iPod… we just didn’t know it yet. Back in 1750 there was a demand for a car… but nobody knew it yet.

Here’s what I suggest for an effective Podcast:

  • Do it Everyday!
  • There’s nothing more difficult to do than doing something everyday. We’ve all had New Year’s Resolutions, and goals that we’ve wanted to accomplish, but they eventually fade away. the one’s who stay focused and stay dedicated are the one’s who get out what they put into it.

  • WordPress – Self Hosted
  • There’s 2 WordPress sites. WordPress.com and WordPress.org. There’s nothing better than using a self-dedicated WordPress Blog on a Linux Hosting Account (Which is WordPress.org NOT wordpress.com). Not only is it easy to set up and use, but WordPress also has an amazing SEO ranking for your blog, and tons of Plugins, and an effective Forum to always refer to.

  • Links in Blogs
  • If I write a post about Guitar Solos and happen to refer to a musician named Joe Satriani, then it would be smart for me to link to him. The reason for this is simple: As I link out to posts then my website gets better search results too. In addition, one of my readers may not know who Joe Satriani or Steve Vai is, so it acts as a kind gesture allowing them to immediately be informed of the article you’re writing about. But see, I didn’t link to Steve Vai, but maybe someone wants to know about him, so it would also be smart to link to him, too.

  • Twitter
  • I can’t explain how amazing this tool is. I remember I setup an account last January 2007 and never used it.. ever. Then after South by Southwest I heard alot about it through Ustream.TV and AlanaTaylor and a few others and while attending Podcamp New York City I realized how resourceful it is. I now have over 1,100 followers and counting. Not bad for someone who just started using it, it seriously is amazing. Social media is important, not because I get to connect with people, but because I get to STAY connected with people.

  • Become part of the Community
  • Become part of the internet community. Leave comments on blogs, link to other people. If you use a picture, give someone credit. Help others. @Reply on Twitter. Basically, no man is an island. And if you think otherwise, then your gonna be left stranded.

  • TubeMogul
  • What if you could be everywhere at once? And while doing so, you actually saved about 3 hours worth of work? Enter TubeMogul. When I shoot a video for Revision3, or anyone else, thn I can’t spend hours uploading. Tubemogul saves me serious time.

  • Seesmic
  • If all I do is gain one new student/subscriber/fan/friend on one service, then it was successful. Using Seesmic is important. It makes you human, it draws you inside the community, its 1-on-1. This is important, because although its a small website, its important to mention that I’ve connected with nearly a hundred people on the site. And that’s huge, because their now my friends, and I’m part of their community now, which in turn has connected me to other communities, too.

  • Diversify
  • Change up your show a bit. Have specials. When you create content, things can get old after a while, so spice things up. I teach music lessons, but now I’m beginning to take the show on the road, and include interviews, etc. It makes everything more fun for the host (You), and ultimately the viewer.

  • Be Patient
  • This topic is so important to me I even wrote a post about it for MXTabs.

    It takes a while for things to work out. I once heard that Amazon.com, having started in 1994, didn’t have its first profitable year until 2002 (or something along those lines). All these things take time. Some of the biggest websites like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Ustream, etc are still trying to figure things out… but it’ll happen. It’ll all happen over time. You know that new song you’re having trouble with? Yea, you gotta be patient with that, too.

    Creating An Effective Presentation (1 Of 2)

    A few weeks ago I blogged about my experiences at Podcamp Pittsburgh 3. While there I did 3 effective presentations on New Media, Scaling, Building Sponsors, community, and more as a full time job. This post will explain what I have done in order to build everything literally from the ground up. I was thrilled to learn that those who attended were thrilled with the outcome, so I decided to share my thoughts:

    Podcam Pittsburgh 3 Walt Ribeiro Lecture
    Photo by Pomona

    So what goes into an effective Presentation?

    Well here’s what my presentation consisted of:

  • A computer (preferably a MAC) with an internet connection
  • A Projector in order to present the screenshot of your computer’s screen
  • Energy. Passion. Confidence.
  • A Powerpoint (for PC’s) or Keynote (for MAC’s) presentation
  • I’ve done presentations with nothing more than just me. No internet connection, no computer, no excuses. In fact, some of the best one’s I’ve done were the one’s where there was just me. you have no slideshows to cover up, you have to speak from your heart, and from your mind. Those are the most meaningful, and the most informative sessions.

    But let’s say you have internet, computers, electricity, slideshows, etc. We have the setup… now what?

    Photo by Denis from BarCampPhilly


    Whatever it is you do in life you HAVE to be passionate about it. It can be recycling, cars, chairs, music, books, eating, wine, computers, girls, boys, blogging, wordpress, video, whatever!

    Let’s take socks for example: There’s 8 Billion people in the world, which means there are 16 billion potential feet wearing socks RIGHT NOW! Imagine, so even 1/10th of 1/10th of 1% of the number of those people is still a HUGE market for that. Got it? Good. So here’s what my presentation basically consists of, although it continually progresses with new and better content, so read on…

    “Building a community as a full time job, here’s what I had to say”

    “Making it on Your Own” consists of 3 things: Content, Sponsors, Community

    Community is the goal, not sponsors. People have to ‘identify’ with you, so you have to be REAL. No one likes a mean person… no one.

    You MUST create good content. “Do it well, and do it often” is one of my favorite quote by Viral Video Genius ‘Kevin Nalts‘.

    Let the community become friends with each other, and promote that. Promote friendship, promote community, promote sharing. Make your videos Creative Commons, give your music away for free.

    Be the Last Man Standing

    If I were to have given up on this idea of teaching music lessons I would have never survived to see the benefits of my labors. Just when I wanted to give up, I made the front page of Youtube, then I was written up in the Guardian Newspaper, then things started happening. My Subscribers and mailing list and more started growing, and the community began to take shape. Revision 3 was interested in doing a Music Lesson Show, and more things happened.

    Its important to mention that as time goes on your content gets better, you network more, your community grows, and you work smarter and more efficiently. So the first step is the hardest, and everything after that is exponentially easier.

    It’s been 8 months and I’ve had ups and downs. In fact, I remember wanting to end my show multiple times. Either because I wasn’t confident in its success, or because I had bills to pay and I couldn’t survive any longer. Everybody has doubts, and you have to learn to take those losses and emotions and build off them. YOU have to those emotions, they don’t control you.

    I left my job, no looking back. This is an important step in order to force yourself to succeed. I know of a few people that work like this. When your back is against the wall, you realize that its survive or die. So this was a big step for me in my drive, passion, and work ethic in order to succeed. on the same note, Robert Kazorowski of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ often stated that he would spend more money than he made knowing that when push came to shove he’d HAVE to find a way to make the money by the end of the month to pay his rent, etc. Its psychology, so use it to your advantage.

    The way you Build your Community is by Word of Mouth. That’s it. Done. No argument here. I’ve tried every form of advertising out there. Let me save you months of trial and error: Simply answer every email, phone call, Myspace, Newsletter, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Seesmic, Emails, Forum response, Network Parties, RSS Feeds, etc. If all you did was get three new fans a day, you’ll have a self-dependent community within 3 months. That’s 90 people who are ACTIVELY on your side. But it doesn’t stop there. Those 90 people over the months may tell 2 or 3 of their friends, who may then tell a bunch of their friends about you. So in 3 months its very possible to sustain a community of 500-600 people, who all got word of month from the original 90 you reached out to.

    More on my next blog post! Go Here.

    The Rockband Party At BarCampPhilly!

    When you’re part of New Media, you begin to realize that the people are absolutely insane, and the conventions and networking events are extremely fun. Well, BarCamp Philly was no different. Below is an archive of the Rockband event I played.

    We all were at National Mechanics for the epic night which included a RockBand performance. The band included Whitney Hess on Vocals, Matthew Knell on Drums, Kimberly Blessing on Bass, and me on Guitar. Special thanks you Kara LaFleur for shooting the video.

    I had no idea it’d be this fun when I told them who I was.

    more Pictures at the Flickr BarCamp Picture Group. It was so great seeing everybody there. I met tons of new friends who I’ve known only through my Twitter feed, or Seesmic profile, etc. It was epic in so many ways!

    Rock on guys, and hope you enjoy this video, you all are seriously amazing people.

    BarCamp Philly 2008

    Tonight I’m going to Barcamp Philly and you should, too! I love social media, and the interaction it allows amongst complete strangers. Truth is, even your friends were strangers at one point :) And I’m always down to meet new peeps!

    What is Barcamp?

    From BarCamp Philly’s Website: BarCamp is defined by Wikipedia as follows:

    “…an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — often focusing on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats.”

    The name ‘BarCamp’ originates as a play on Foo Camp, an invitation only event held by open source publisher Tim O’Reilly. The first BarCamp was in 2005, in Palo Alto, CA. The open invite event was a huge success and thus spawned a series of BarCamps all over the globe from Boston to New Zealand and on November 8, 2008 in Philly!

    Where is BarCamp Philly at?

    BarCamp Philly will take place at The University of the Arts, which is my Alma Mater! Yep, its where I graduated from. While there, I studied Music Composition

    Who have I met at Social Meetups?

    Back in March 2008, I remember my first meetup at Podcamp NYC I met a guy named Drew Olanoff, Kevin Gamble of Tiki Bar TV, Mike Lewis of Swarrm.com, Mashable writer’s Alana Taylor and Adam Ostrow, Best Techie and many more cool peeps.

    Truth is, I remember meeting all these people and not knowing who ANY of them were. Not one. It was at this time that I just started my Ustream Music Lesson Show, so I was new to the whole scene. Now I’m attending these as much as possible. Its addictive. Why does this stuff interest me so much? I’m convinced its the people, the interaction of geeks taking video, pictures, blogging, laughing, drinking, and learning.

    I met all these cool peeps, and this weekend it better include YOU! So come into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and let’s hang out!