Eighth Notes Rests On Top Of A Note

Hi! I just had a question about Eighth Rests. I am trying to learn how to play The Portrait from the Titanic, and there are a lot of Eighth Rests directly above another note. What does that mean, and what am I supposed to do there? I attached a picture I attempted to draw on […]

140 Character Conference! I'm a character :)

Jeff Pulver announced on Twitter about the 140 Character Conference. So here’s what I had to say within 140 characters: I write ♫ and would ♥ to attend because we’re all Rock★’s. Social media is awesome-not because of the technology, but because of the people☺ As the meetup NYC organizer for Revision3 and Diggnation, and […]

Get Offline

The most important part to being online is being offline. Break away from your computer. Meet people, go on tour. The bottom line in all of this is that hugs and handshakes make the difference. So get out there and do it. You get more done in a 5 minute in person conversation than you […]

Tension Chords

Using tension in your chords is very effective. Music (and life) is all a series of tension and release. So to play a chord that is outside of a key signature, it creates tension, which makes your ear NEED to move to the resolution chord – which is usually the tonic, root, or ‘one’ chord.

Flavor Chords

Using basic chords might be all that is called for – but what if you wanted to add color? What about piano? Well, look no further! Here is a quick overview (pun intended) of the basic idea of adding flavor to your chords via sus, fourths, sevenths, and extensions.

Twitter Brings Back @Replies After Uproar

Today, Twitter did the dumbest thing ever, and took away @Replies from people. Then finally, after the community uproar decided to retract their steps and bring it back. As a marketing and social media guy specializing in music, I always keep a close eye to how these companies do things. I always think that these […]

Revision 3 NYC May 2009 Meetup At Lunasa’s

To learn more about NYC Revision 3 events go here In this picture David Chaitt (@Chaitters), Jon Accarrino (@Accarrino), Jim Louderback (@JLouderb), me, Anthony Perry (ajperry74), and Daniel Delaney. Last night I hosted my first Revision3 meetup. It was at Lunasa’s Bar and had a great turn out with alot of interesting people. We had […]

Behind The Tech21 Music Factory!

In my show you’ll notice I use the Trademark 30 amplifier and their assortment of pedals. The other day I visited Tech 21 and was met by Dale Krevens and Andrew Barta, long time sponsors of my show! My show has grown to receive national press and is continuing to grow, and when Tech 21 […]

Building Scales By Skipping Strings

When you’re trying to ‘break the cycle’ and learn new scales (or memorize ones) then its easy to learn them by skipping strings. This is because you use different permutations while skipping strings, which forces you to learn them quicker. Its how to do it when learning a language :)