Feature Interview In DONT Magazine

Hey everyone! I am featured in Don’t Magazine located in London, United Kingdom. click here to check it out! The picture is that of infamous ‘Blue Face Walt’ (Thanks Jeanne!) Interview by Ejiro Ejaife. Nicest Guy. DONT also got in touch with me over the weekend to use my piece ‘Prelude’ over one of their […]

Stickmen, No Tour, And More Stuff

ok.. well anyone that knows me knows how I enjoy making stickmen. And so my next youtube video is probably going to involve some sort of stickman drawing I make, and I’ll include my music behind it. I’ve been doing all this other stuff, thing is, I can’t get an orchestra to play my music, […]

What Do You Do To Relax & Cool Off?

So I released a new video today. It’s a blog about my newest piece ‘Airies’ DOWNLOAD ‘Airies’ HERE 1.) My car failed inspection 2.) My computer crashed 3.) I had to go run a bunch of important errands that I completely forgot about the day before 4.) I was a victim of a domain company […]

Maple Leaf Rag

New Video! This week I chose Scott Joplin’s ‘Maple Leaf Rag’. It was so much fun, and I have a bunch of other good one’s coming in the weeks to come. Thanks to everyone for the support! Hope you all enjoy the vid (below) -Walt Maple Leaf Rag

Finally – All Done!

Welcome to my new site… all done! Sorry about the constant updating, server problems, loading issues, etc. I was getting alot of hits last week and was unsure about doing everything then – but than figured that doing the ‘change over’ ASAP was the right call. Looking back, it definetly was. Just a little more […]

Small World Podcast

I’m interviewed by Bazooka Joe from Small World Podcast Today! Click Here to listen! We talk about why I had the score for an 80-piece orchestra performed with samples on a computer; how I came to write and perform classical music; themes and ideas I wanted to explore on ‘I.I’, why some critics say my […]

Hello World!

Welcome to waltribeiro.com ! Thanks for checking out my work – I just changed everything to a new server, so this site will continually be updated all day until things are ‘set in stone’. I have to upload the music, all my blogs, videos, etc. etc. There’s going to be some really neat stuff here, […]