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Be Yourself

“Be Yourself, because everybody else is already taken”

My friend Shira Lazar shot this Twitter update and I thought it was the best thing I had read all month. This is true – because in a world where everybody is worrying about which click or group they connect with and trying to make other people happy, the one’s they always forget about are themselves. This is how I truly feel – apparently I’m not alone!

Be yourself – because authenticity is viral.

Social Media 4 Social Change

As I mentioned the other day The other day I performed at Social Media 4 Social Change along with the very talented Marissa Levy. Social Media For Social Change, or SM4SC, is what the Web is ALL about. As you may know, I helped with so I have experience with doing good things for people and helping out others! Seriously, it’s awesome!


Picture Credit:

Social Media 4 Social Change

The event was held at The Roger Smith Hotel and was moderated by the very cool Lauren Scala (@LaurenScala). She mc’d the event and basically kept everyone informed of all the raffles, introductions, and more! The picture at the top shows my set, which was followed by Marissa Levy (@marissalevy) who performed amazing and beautiful pieces of her own original music.

Social Media 4 Social Change

Streamed Live on Mogulus, this whole night was a blast. Here in this picture we have Marissa being interviewed by Mike Davis (@GlobalCitizen).

Social Media 4 Social Change

Social Media 4 Social Change

Here’s a view of the one half of the room (there were also three rooms, too!) – Great people, great conversations, great music, and great times! Here are some of the cool people that I met up with: Whitney Hess (@WhitneyHess), Lauren Scala, Miko Mercer, Brian Simpson, Matthew Knell (@MKnell), David Fisher (@tibbon), Arthur Bouie (@abouie), and Tony Bacigalupo.

As it turns out Tony Bacigalupo (@TonyBGoode) of New Work City won the raffle for the free Guitar Lesson by me! So look out for him – he’ll be on tour in no time. In fact, I better watch out for my job, AM I RIGHT PEOPLE?!

For more photos feel free to check out the Flickr Pool for SM4SC

Twitter Vs. Blogging

My friend Gabe Alonso brought up a pretty good question today:

Is there even a point to have a blog if you can micro-blog on Twitter?

The answer… Yes!

Microblogging tools like Tumblr or even the Facebook Status bar are great for getting the word out about something… but blogging is good for videos, pictures, etc. There’s also more reasons. Here’s why:

1.) You can monetize a blog. Yes there are sites like Mag-Pie

2.) Work Together. If you have a successful Youtube or Blip.TV show then you can simply use Twitter as an RSS status update to bring people to your site

3.) Host videos and Pictures. Twitter acts as a Press Release feature, and you’ll have to send a link to your media (photo, audio, video) which will probably be hosted on your site (unless you drive traffic to your Youtube page – which isn’t smart for Personal Branding)
4.) Being Legit. Blogs are still seen as a ‘serious’ thing. I feel it makes a business ‘legit’ and ‘official’. When I go on someone’s Twitter age I STILL check to see f they have a website. In fact, I’ve been known to not follow people on Twitter because of their lack of a website.

5.) More exposure. The way to gain a community is to “Take a little here, and take a little there.” So, to rule out blogging or Twittering (tweeting) is a bad move, because the internet is free, and to market to many venues is more exposure.

Why should I Twitter if I blog?

In short, it follows the same track a Facebook Status and Twitter Updates. Two similar functions, but 2 completely different purposes, which can usually work together!

Why Some Keys Have Sharps And Others Have Flats

Let’s look at the graph below:

Key Signatures can get tricky. Asking this question is like saying in math “why not have just a plus sign (+) instead of both a plus (+) and minus sign (-)”

Well, truth is, if a note goes up a half step it doesn’t become flat (unless its in a key signature). And saying that a key is in Bb (2 flats) isn’t the same as saying its in A# (3 sharps, and 5 double sharps). To call a single note two different titles is referred to as an Enharmonic

The key of D as 2 sharps (F# and C#), so you can’t say D has 2 flats (Gb and Db) because Bb has 2 flats (Bb and Eb)

The answer is inside the Intervallic Code:  W W H W W W H  (W stand for Whole Step, and H stands for Half Step) I made the H’s red so they stand out more.

No matter what Key Signature you start with, you must follow W W H W W W H in order to build a Major Scale. So to build C major it would be C D E F G A B (notice how it follow the Intervallic Code). The same goes for every other key such as D major, G major, Bb major, etc.

This code changes, though, when you build minor scales. Since minor scales start on the 6th note of the Key (i.e. ‘A’ in the key of ‘C’) then your Intervallic Code will also start on the 6th degree. So Instead of W W H W W W H, the new code would be W H W W H W W

Capistrano School actually has a great post on this, too.

Music Acts In Youtube Live 2008 And Youtube Gathering 2008

Youtube Live marked a new era in shows and performances – both in music and other art forms. Last night was the first ever annual Youtube Live Concert, and it was everything I’d hoped it be. Interesting that it was neither an award show, or a talent show – rather, it was a performance show – with skits and more – and it was a blast to witness.

What was so great about Youtube Live?

Aside from the lineup of performances and more, the first thing I noticed was the option of choosing between 3 camera angles:

Notice at the bottom right corner are three little boxes. Those 3 boxes represent 3 different camera angles: Main Stage, BackStage, or Off Stage. I’m used to watching The Grammy’s or the MTV Video Music Awards or even last night’s American Music Awards and being stuck on just one camera angle. I love the internet and new technology, and this was a great feature!

Music Acts take center stage at Youtube Live 2008

There were no shortage of reputable guests both of Internet fame and mainstream fame. The picture above shows BeardyMan who did a killin performance during the event of his Beat Boxing skills. I quickly realized that as the show went on that I was perfectly comfortable watching it from my computer rather than my television, and that this is how things may be in 10 years. Of course, the fusion of TV and internet is inevitable, but this was the first major award show streamed exclusively online, and is a big first step towards the internet’s growth as a true and effective platform. Check out this video of Joe Satriani‘s performance:

Music Acts dominate the Event

There was also no shortage of Music Acts. Above is a clip showing one of my guitar hero’s Joe Satriani playing with FunTwo. Later in the event was a great performance by Philadelphia’s very own Spinto Band, and later on The Sick Puppies did a great performance backing their infamous Free Hugs Campaign video

Funny Skits also segway’d throughout Youtube Live 2008

Like all award shows, there were many funny skits that acted as segways and fillers between acts. In this clip here it shows a Barack Obama Impersonator and Lisa Nova impersonating Sarah Palin. This was the first year the 2008 Olympics were streamed online, too – so the internet is really changing how things are released and events are held.

Ever been to a Youtube Gathering? Well, I have, and its always a good time. I have a successful Youtube Channel and I love being part of the community. My love for people clearly surpasses my love for technology, although both are important in my life. But when the two come together, that’s what makes me the happiest. Whether its a Tweetup with my Twitter friends, Improv Everywhere, Youtube Gathering, Seesmic Meetup, BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Los Angeles, Karaoke Party, NYTVF, or even a simple TechSushi Meetup – I’m in… all the way!

Michael Buckley of ‘What the Buck’ posted this video titled “OMG! See you Saturday in NYC!!” which is just one of many that promote the event. He too, was part of Youtube Live, as many others like Julia Nunes, William Sledd, and What The Buck, and many others. Check out Bo Burnham‘s performance.

So what’s a Youtube Gathering? And Why Go?

Being a user of the Internet, I love the idea of connecting with people all over the world. I enjoy meeting people through social sites like Twitter, MySpace, and even Youtube, and this allows me to see them, meet them, and hang out with them. We all already have something in common – our love for technology and social networking, so these meetups are always a great time!

I remember a few months ago I attended ‘YoTube’ Philly on 7-12-08 and came away learning alot about people and the entire internet community. Everybody is passionate about something. Whether that passion is wine, bikes, music, people, friends, or family, then when you get all these people together with all these different backgrounds, and passions and interests, its always great to be part of something big.

So let’s stay connected, so feel free to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my Youtube, and more.

So what did you think of Youtube Live?

Me, iJustine, Gary Vaynerchuk, & Ben Parr Hang Out At #NME Pics And More (2 Of 4)

At the New Media Expo I was on a panel with iJustine and Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV. The panel was moderated by‘s Ben Parr. We spoke about where New Media is headed and what its done for us.

Gary and I laughing and just having a good time.

Ahhhh… taking in the scene. Too bad its blurry, but Las Vegas is absolutely gorgeous!

Christina Duren – She’s the coolest! She works with Ariel Hyatt and does great things for independent musicians. In fact, I’ll be a panel with her later this week at Podcamp Philadelphia along with Jim boggia, Rob Blatt, and a bunch of other cool peeps!

Tony Wang. One of 36 other Tony Wangs in the world, but I’m sure none of them are as cool as this guy, and uber chill. We met after I was on Leo laporte’s TWiT.TV because he’s friends with Dave Mora. Later found out after talking with him that he works with Leo, wow – small world! Who knew Leo and Dave had cool friends? ^_^

OK, here’s Ben Parr posing an amazing pic with Star Wars characters at the Fan Faire 2008. I took a pic too, but couldn’t seem to find it. Ben and I had a blast walking around and checking out FanFaire. Was serioulsy as fun as it looks!

Ariel Hyatt and Mikel O.D. of I knew Ariel but never met her in person. She was at Podcamp New York City, but I never had a chance to catch her. We connected a few years ago when I approached her about doing my PR for my Orchestra CD. Well, FINALLY we get to meet and she remembered who I was – which is easy, because I imagine not alot of people write orchestra music :)

I caught up with Jonathan Coulton and we spoke for a minute before he went on TWiT.TV with Leo. Turns out he knew who I was (the orchestra kid) and I really enjoyed talking with him for a quick sec. We joked around about doing an Orchestra Jonathan Coulton CD – we’ll see…  ^_^

The Guardian Newspaper Features Me – Wow!

OK, this is cool. The Guardian Newspaper featured yours truly.

Here’s the Link to the Feature Article


Leonie Cooper, the editor, got in touch with me through my Youtube channel – of all places :) So I did my best to answer all the questions – which were kind of interesting.

Here, below, is the article mentioning me. He chose 10 Youtube channels, I’m the 8th one down. It’s not in any particular order.

There’s also a Video Archive of all my tutorials!

Thanks guys, more to come!!!!!






Would You Buy Necklaces From This Guy?

Would you buy Necklaces from this Guy?

I love learning about marketing and how things become successful (or fail). This gus was quite the rapper. And he seems to have his ‘stint’ down pretty well. I always like seeing people like this, because they make me happy. It breaks the norm!

We bumped into him at the Pearl Jam concert, and his necklaces were rather plain, but he marketed them pretty well!

New Song "Circles"

You can also get the mp3 for free or feel free to purchase it. Here’s a description of the piece:

Everything I see I always think of how things wind up where they start. Maybe its because thats how they were always meant to be, or maybe its because that’s what we’ve always strived for. And maybe that’s the journey – realizing that you were always where you wanted to be. The destination was no different than the beginning, except now you ‘see’ it, before you didn’t.

Thanks guys – hope you enjoy it.

You Know You’re Addicted To Twitter When…


I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that I’m addicted to Twitter. I even check my tweets more than my email. In fact, I notice that I’ll tweet people INSTEAD of sending an email. Its just sooo convenient. As a result, I opened up this question to my Twitter Community by asking them to finish his statement “You know you’re addicted to Twitter when…”. Here are some of the awesome responses.

victorcab … you stress out when twitter is down
@milewis … you finish open ended questions. Like Madlibs… give me a verb!
@slick …instead of reading the magazines while in the restroom… even the “girlie” ones… you check it via your PDA.
@srcasm You start referring to people in real life as @theirusername and when you need to speak in private you preface it with D.
@interjection you go to
@jestutripup you kiss your monitor when the URL changes: “ or /session” turn “*”. kiss & bow silly!

I expect to more to come through, so if you would like to add to this list then Twitter me @waltribeiro  But these are the one’s I’ve received so far. Hilarious!

Oh, and mine? “You know you’re addicted to twitter when… you write blog posts about being addicted to Twitter” MashBash In NYC

So this past Friday I attended The MashBash that was being hosted at the well known Webster Hall in NYC. I was fortunate to be informed of the event via Mike Lewis. One of the nicest guy I’ve ever met. So after getting VIP tickets I had my weekend planned out.

Alana and I at MashBash NYC

Mashable Crew

Tiki johnny

The thing is that the event started at 8pm and I have a Daily Music Lesson show everyday from 6-8pm. The Answer – Do the show on the train with my Laptop on the way to MashBash. Well I’m talking to Alana Taylor a few days before and we decide that I should show up in NYC early and broadcast it from her roof. All went great, in fact Rob Blatt even stopped by and joined us too. It was a different experience, because I didn’t have my normal studio setup, etc. but it was interesting nonetheless. Here’s a pic from the show!

Your Daily Music Lesson with Walt

So after the show we got ready and immediately met up with Kevin Gramble (Tiki Johnny) Mike Lewis, and a few others who we knew.


Kevin Gamble Tiki Johnny

Grandmaster Flash threw down a sick show while the Bash was going on. It was being Sponsored by and and while there I introduced Alana to a few people and she introduced me to a few too. I was fortunate to meet Adam Ostrow, Nate Westheimer, Oz Sultan, Brett Petersel, Charlie ‘O Donnell and many others.

Everyone really had great things to say and everyone was enjoying the scene. After the event we all went to a local Diner around the corner, of which I couldn’t stay because I had to crash at a friends house :(

Grandmasta Flash

Saturday afternoon Alana and I attended this crazy Breakdancing demo at Central Park, then chilled at a new bar called ‘1-2-3′ with a few of my friends. Laughing. All. Night. Long.

Had a great time, met great people! Mashable killed it.