Get Offline

The most important part to being online is being offline. Break away from your computer. Meet people, go on tour. The bottom line in all of this is that hugs and handshakes make the difference. So get out there and do it. You get more done in a 5 minute in person conversation than you […]

Be Yourself

“Be Yourself, because everybody else is already taken” My friend Shira Lazar shot this Twitter update and I thought it was the best thing I had read all month. This is true – because in a world where everybody is worrying about which click or group they connect with and trying to make other people […]

Social Media 4 Social Change

As I mentioned the other day The other day I performed at Social Media 4 Social Change along with the very talented Marissa Levy. Social Media For Social Change, or SM4SC, is what the Web is ALL about. As you may know, I helped with so I have experience with doing good things for […]

Twitter Vs. Blogging

My friend Gabe Alonso brought up a pretty good question today: Is there even a point to have a blog if you can micro-blog on Twitter? The answer… Yes! Microblogging tools like Tumblr or even the Facebook Status bar are great for getting the word out about something… but blogging is good for videos, pictures, […]

Advice – Everyday!

Advice – Everyday! There is nothign more important than doing things every single day. This makes you look more professional to both your community, and sponsors. If I can do a daily video podcast which takes up a lot of my time, then I hope that goes to show you the importance of practicing every […]

The Guardian Newspaper Features Me – Wow!

OK, this is cool. The Guardian Newspaper featured yours truly. Here’s the Link to the Feature Article Leonie Cooper, the editor, got in touch with me through my Youtube channel – of all places :) So I did my best to answer all the questions – which were kind of interesting. Here, below, is the […]

Would You Buy Necklaces From This Guy?

Would you buy Necklaces from this Guy? I love learning about marketing and how things become successful (or fail). This gus was quite the rapper. And he seems to have his ‘stint’ down pretty well. I always like seeing people like this, because they make me happy. It breaks the norm! We bumped into him […]

New Song "Circles"

You can also get the mp3 for free or feel free to purchase it. Here’s a description of the piece: Everything I see I always think of how things wind up where they start. Maybe its because thats how they were always meant to be, or maybe its because that’s what we’ve always strived for. […]

You Know You’re Addicted To Twitter When…

I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that I’m addicted to Twitter. I even check my tweets more than my email. In fact, I notice that I’ll tweet people INSTEAD of sending an email. Its just sooo convenient. As a result, I opened up this question to my Twitter Community by asking them to finish his […] MashBash In NYC

So this past Friday I attended The MashBash that was being hosted at the well known Webster Hall in NYC. I was fortunate to be informed of the event via Mike Lewis. One of the nicest guy I’ve ever met. So after getting VIP tickets I had my weekend planned out. The thing is […]