Numbers As Intervals In Music

A lot of times, when referring to an interval, people will refer to it as a Number instead of the actual note. The example is that A B C# D E F# can be written as 1 2 3 4 5 6. This is effective because it easily allows you to change keys and transpose. […]

Being Told No

When someone tells you that you can’t do something then look them in the face and prove them wrong. Lance Armstrong overcame cancer, Michael Jordan overcame being cut from his High School Basketball team. Michael Phelps achieved every Gold Medal in the Olympic in 2008. But let’s take it further into every day living. Don’t […]

Note Durations Explained

This is similar to my How to Read Music tutorial. I get a lot of questions regarding note durations. The idea is that the flag is what tells you how long you should play a note. In addition, the note head also dictates the duration. Watch the video above, and you’ll be good to go!

What's My Secret

When you’re in a band, it’s important to treat it like anything you do and are passionate about. The secret to being successful is doing it every single day, and have fun with it, and be creative. It took me a year to become successful as a music instructor. And I’m still learning new things […]


Whuffaoke was bring Karaoke music TO THE STREETS! And I just don’t mean in New York City, but the entire USA. I joined Tony Bacigalupo, Alex Hillman, Tara Hunt and more on their adventure of the mobile karaoke machine during their NYC date! This is awesome on so many levels. People from all over coming […]

Stay Connected

The great thing about Social Media is that you not only get to connect to your audience… but that you STAY connected with your audience. I’ve been studying social media a lot lately, and the different things people do with their audience and growing themselves as a brand. Today I ordered the mStand from Rain […]

Pool Party Brooklyn Concert

Every week in Brooklyn during the summer are live music events called ‘The Pool Party’. Its actually really cool, and turns into a huge event. The downside this week was that it rained (started during my video!). The most important part about being online is being offline. Going to shows like this are important so […]

Silence Is Golden

Silence is the most powerful and important part in conversation, presentations, and even music. Too many times I see people walking down the street with their iPods or mp3 players. I feel its important that people take a break from that. As a result, I wanted to shoot this video, as a reminder to take […]

Cupcake Symphony #1

This video was the idea of Rana. She’s amazing ;) So basically, we took cupcakes and drew different music durations notes throughout. Then we used duck tape to make a treble clef on my table, and we placed the cupcakes in order to make a melody. This video was a blast. Its’ our first one, […]

Group Song #1

You throw down the chords, and I’ll play them. Cool idea. Here’s Week #1 attempt. We’ll do more stuff like this. Everyone said it was alot of fun. Music is supposed to be fun, so I’m happy how this turned out. Collaboration and creating is all about sharing ideas, and this was the result of […]

NYC Gay Pride Parade 2009

I always enjoy going to these events and seeing what kind of cool music goes on. I also like to see how the bands are set up, etc. This particular parade was great for that, because they had floats. I noticed the DJ’s were inthe backs of the floats and the dancing and speakers were […]

140 Character Conference! I'm a character :)

Jeff Pulver announced on Twitter about the 140 Character Conference. So here’s what I had to say within 140 characters: I write ♫ and would ♥ to attend because we’re all Rock★’s. Social media is awesome-not because of the technology, but because of the people☺ As the meetup NYC organizer for Revision3 and Diggnation, and […]