Pool Party Brooklyn Concert

Every week in Brooklyn during the summer are live music events called ‘The Pool Party’. Its actually really cool, and turns into a huge event. The downside this week was that it rained (started during my video!). The most important part about being online is being offline. Going to shows like this are important so […]

140 Character Conference! I'm a character :)

Jeff Pulver announced on Twitter about the 140 Character Conference. So here’s what I had to say within 140 characters: I write ♫ and would ♥ to attend because we’re all Rock★’s. Social media is awesome-not because of the technology, but because of the people☺ As the meetup NYC organizer for Revision3 and Diggnation, and […]

Behind The Tech21 Music Factory!

In my show you’ll notice I use the Trademark 30 amplifier and their assortment of pedals. The other day I visited Tech 21 and was met by Dale Krevens and Andrew Barta, long time sponsors of my show! My show has grown to receive national press and is continuing to grow, and when Tech 21 […]

Note Tonalities In Keys!

In a C Major Scale you have the notes C D E F G A B C. In this video I explain the use of notes in reference to the Key Signature they are in. So for example the note ‘C’ can be the 2nd note in the key of Bb, the 1st note in […]

The Guardian Newspaper Features Me – Wow!

OK, this is cool. The Guardian Newspaper featured yours truly. Here’s the Link to the Feature Article Leonie Cooper, the editor, got in touch with me through my Youtube channel – of all places :) So I did my best to answer all the questions – which were kind of interesting. Here, below, is the […]