Note Durations Explained

This is similar to my How to Read Music tutorial. I get a lot of questions regarding note durations. The idea is that the flag is what tells you how long you should play a note. In addition, the note head also dictates the duration. Watch the video above, and you’ll be good to go!


Whuffaoke was bring Karaoke music TO THE STREETS! And I just don’t mean in New York City, but the entire USA. I joined Tony Bacigalupo, Alex Hillman, Tara Hunt and more on their adventure of the mobile karaoke machine during their NYC date! This is awesome on so many levels. People from all over coming […]

Silence Is Golden

Silence is the most powerful and important part in conversation, presentations, and even music. Too many times I see people walking down the street with their iPods or mp3 players. I feel its important that people take a break from that. As a result, I wanted to shoot this video, as a reminder to take […]

Tapping Explained

Tapping is a lot of fun. This technique allows you to stretch and hit notes that would other wise not be possible to reach with only your fret hand. The idea is the grasp your pic so that your fingers are free. At that point, you simply ‘tap’ the fretboard and hammer on and pull […]

Sibelius 6 Unboxing

Sibelius 6 has a lot of cool updates. Unboxings are when you open up a product for the first time and video tape it for others to see. Here we have a number of Sibelius Music Programs… for YOU! That’s why there are more than one! Lots of cool features, so stay tuned for more […]

Sibelius 6 Intro

Sibelius 6 is the latest installment of the best music engraver around. There are a bunch of new features in this one that my older version didn’t have. One of them is “Panoramic View”, which allows the sheet music to be read without page breaks, and the other is “Guitar and Piano input” which allows […]

Class 16: Parts To The Guitar!

This is from my week 16 of my Revision 3 show! What are the Parts to the Guitar? The guitar is broken into 3 sections -The head, the neck, and the body. Head = AKA as the headstock. This is where the tuning pegs are Neck = Where the fretboard is. The notes you play […]