Sforzando, Crescendos, Tremolos, And More!

Sforzando = when an attack hits hard, diminuendos, and then crescendos… all in one attack Crescendos = making the music increasingly louder Tremolos = rapidly attacking the note Dynamics = mezzo forte, forte, piano, mezzo piano. Indicating how loud or soft the music is to be performed. Hairpins = another word for Crescendos (see above […]

Unisons Explained Part 1

What are Unisons? Unisons are the same EXACT note played at two different positions on an instrument. A piano does NOT have unisons, but a guitar does! Usually, stringed instruments like Banjo, Violin, Guitar, etc have octaves and unisons, where as instruments like Flute, Piano, and Saxophone have ONLY the ability to play octaves. But […]

Key Signatures Explained!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTU9SQDBTM0 If you like my tutorials you can compensate me by Purchase my music. You can also get it for freer. If you get it for free, don’t worry – we’re still friends, just please tell someone about it. Thanks guys! I work very hard on this music and these tutorials. I hope you them. […]