Numbers As Intervals In Music

A lot of times, when referring to an interval, people will refer to it as a Number instead of the actual note. The example is that A B C# D E F# can be written as 1 2 3 4 5 6. This is effective because it easily allows you to change keys and transpose. […]

Note Durations Explained

This is similar to my How to Read Music tutorial. I get a lot of questions regarding note durations. The idea is that the flag is what tells you how long you should play a note. In addition, the note head also dictates the duration. Watch the video above, and you’ll be good to go!

Thinkgeek The Musical Act 1 Scene 2

So I was on Thinkgeek the other day to buy a key/screwdriver/bottle opener thing and was having a blast looking through the site when all of a sudden – the PAYPAL button didn’t work :( Oh Noes! They joked with me that the only way to make it work was to write a song. But […]

Cupcake Symphony #1

This video was the idea of Rana. She’s amazing ;) So basically, we took cupcakes and drew different music durations notes throughout. Then we used duck tape to make a treble clef on my table, and we placed the cupcakes in order to make a melody. This video was a blast. Its’ our first one, […]

First iPhone 3gs Video

Looks like I’m going to start teaching music while I’m walking the streets. Which is Awesome! I’m so excited that I finally own the newest iPhone 3gs release from Apple. I have been amazed by this phone for the past 2 weeks. I now ave a camera, camcorder, guitar tuner, piano, and more! I’m more […]

Barre Chord Intro

Barre Chords (sometimes called Bar Chords) are when you use one finger (mainly your pointer finger) to completely ‘bar’ the guitar’s fretboard. There are 2 types of Barre Chords: Partial and Full. A partial Barre chord is when you don’t cover all 6 strings – whereas a Full bar chord covers all six strings. Take […]

Twitter Brings Back @Replies After Uproar

Today, Twitter did the dumbest thing ever, and took away @Replies from people. Then finally, after the community uproar decided to retract their steps and bring it back. As a marketing and social media guy specializing in music, I always keep a close eye to how these companies do things. I always think that these […]

Revision 3 NYC May 2009 Meetup At Lunasa’s

To learn more about NYC Revision 3 events go here In this picture David Chaitt (@Chaitters), Jon Accarrino (@Accarrino), Jim Louderback (@JLouderb), me, Anthony Perry (ajperry74), and Daniel Delaney. Last night I hosted my first Revision3 meetup. It was at Lunasa’s Bar and had a great turn out with alot of interesting people. We had […]

Building Scales By Skipping Strings

When you’re trying to ‘break the cycle’ and learn new scales (or memorize ones) then its easy to learn them by skipping strings. This is because you use different permutations while skipping strings, which forces you to learn them quicker. Its how to do it when learning a language :)