Note Durations Explained

This is similar to my How to Read Music tutorial. I get a lot of questions regarding note durations. The idea is that the flag is what tells you how long you should play a note. In addition, the note head also dictates the duration. Watch the video above, and you’ll be good to go!

Cupcake Symphony #1

This video was the idea of Rana. She’s amazing ;) So basically, we took cupcakes and drew different music durations notes throughout. Then we used duck tape to make a treble clef on my table, and we placed the cupcakes in order to make a melody. This video was a blast. Its’ our first one, […]

First iPhone 3gs Video

Looks like I’m going to start teaching music while I’m walking the streets. Which is Awesome! I’m so excited that I finally own the newest iPhone 3gs release from Apple. I have been amazed by this phone for the past 2 weeks. I now ave a camera, camcorder, guitar tuner, piano, and more! I’m more […]

Barre Chord Intro

Barre Chords (sometimes called Bar Chords) are when you use one finger (mainly your pointer finger) to completely ‘bar’ the guitar’s fretboard. There are 2 types of Barre Chords: Partial and Full. A partial Barre chord is when you don’t cover all 6 strings – whereas a Full bar chord covers all six strings. Take […]

Revision 3 NYC May 2009 Meetup At Lunasa’s

To learn more about NYC Revision 3 events go here In this picture David Chaitt (@Chaitters), Jon Accarrino (@Accarrino), Jim Louderback (@JLouderb), me, Anthony Perry (ajperry74), and Daniel Delaney. Last night I hosted my first Revision3 meetup. It was at Lunasa’s Bar and had a great turn out with alot of interesting people. We had […]