Maple Leaf Rag

New Video! This week I chose Scott Joplin’s ‘Maple Leaf Rag’. It was so much fun, and I have a bunch of other good one’s coming in the weeks to come. Thanks to everyone for the support! Hope you all enjoy the vid (below) -Walt Maple Leaf Rag

Finally – All Done!

Welcome to my new site… all done! Sorry about the constant updating, server problems, loading issues, etc. I was getting alot of hits last week and was unsure about doing everything then – but than figured that doing the ‘change over’ ASAP was the right call. Looking back, it definetly was. Just a little more […]

Small World Podcast

I’m interviewed by Bazooka Joe from Small World Podcast Today! Click Here to listen! We talk about why I had the score for an 80-piece orchestra performed with samples on a computer; how I came to write and perform classical music; themes and ideas I wanted to explore on ‘I.I’, why some critics say my […]

Hello World!

Welcome to ! Thanks for checking out my work – I just changed everything to a new server, so this site will continually be updated all day until things are ‘set in stone’. I have to upload the music, all my blogs, videos, etc. etc. There’s going to be some really neat stuff here, […]