Sforzando, Crescendos, Tremolos, And More!

Sforzando = when an attack hits hard, diminuendos, and then crescendos… all in one attack Crescendos = making the music increasingly louder Tremolos = rapidly attacking the note Dynamics = mezzo forte, forte, piano, mezzo piano. Indicating how loud or soft the music is to be performed. Hairpins = another word for Crescendos (see above […]

Sibelius 6 Intro

Sibelius 6 is the latest installment of the best music engraver around. There are a bunch of new features in this one that my older version didn’t have. One of them is “Panoramic View”, which allows the sheet music to be read without page breaks, and the other is “Guitar and Piano input” which allows […]

Group Song #1

You throw down the chords, and I’ll play them. Cool idea. Here’s Week #1 attempt. We’ll do more stuff like this. Everyone said it was alot of fun. Music is supposed to be fun, so I’m happy how this turned out. Collaboration and creating is all about sharing ideas, and this was the result of […]

Grace Notes Explained

Grace Notes in music represent a note that is played so fast that it doesn’t get a beat. Think of it as a blur. Some times they’re used in order to allow the sheet music to be more legible. Rather than seeing a bunch of 16th notes sliding into a downbeat (quarter note) its not […]

Understanding Repeats

Repeats in music allow you so not have to write the same section of music multiple times. It allows the musician to simply memorize one section and rather than turn a page or continue reading, simply follow the repeat. It looks like a bar line with two dots next to it. There are 2 repeats: […]

First iPhone 3gs Video

Looks like I’m going to start teaching music while I’m walking the streets. Which is Awesome! I’m so excited that I finally own the newest iPhone 3gs release from Apple. I have been amazed by this phone for the past 2 weeks. I now ave a camera, camcorder, guitar tuner, piano, and more! I’m more […]

NYC Gay Pride Parade 2009

I always enjoy going to these events and seeing what kind of cool music goes on. I also like to see how the bands are set up, etc. This particular parade was great for that, because they had floats. I noticed the DJ’s were inthe backs of the floats and the dancing and speakers were […]

Barre Chord Intro

Barre Chords (sometimes called Bar Chords) are when you use one finger (mainly your pointer finger) to completely ‘bar’ the guitar’s fretboard. There are 2 types of Barre Chords: Partial and Full. A partial Barre chord is when you don’t cover all 6 strings – whereas a Full bar chord covers all six strings. Take […]

Understanding Ledger Lines

Ledger Lines allow you to extend the staff both upward and downward in an easy to read way. A ledger line on a Treble Clef can go as far down (even past the bass clef). In addition, Ledger Lines can extend up as far as you need them to go. A staff has 5 lines, […]

Reading Two Lines On One Staff (Stave)

The original is in the staff below. Above is where I circled where the two lines are that a piano player would play. There are two voices, as a result, one if for the left hand (red) and the other is for the right hand (blue).But it could also mean that your thumb on the […]