Eighth Notes Rests On Top Of A Note

Hi! I just had a question about Eighth Rests. I am trying to learn how to play The Portrait from the Titanic, and there are a lot of Eighth Rests directly above another note. What does that mean, and what am I supposed to do there? I attached a picture I attempted to draw on the computer to describe my problem better. Thanks! – Aubrey

Hi Aubrey! OK – notice how the rest is on top of the note. This is because there are two parts to the music, the left hand and right hand.
Both hands don’t have to be playing at the same time – so as a result when there is a rest it means don’t play on that particular hand. Since the eighth note rest is on top then its’ referring to the right hand :)


Let’s take a look here:

Bass and Treble Clef

Notice how some notes are not playing while other one’s are. So now you should be good to go!

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