Understanding Ledger Lines

Ledger Lines allow you to extend the staff both upward and downward in an easy to read way. A ledger line on a Treble Clef can go as far down (even past the bass clef). In addition, Ledger Lines can extend up as far as you need them to go. A staff has 5 lines, […]

Reading Two Lines On One Staff (Stave)

The original is in the staff below. Above is where I circled where the two lines are that a piano player would play. There are two voices, as a result, one if for the left hand (red) and the other is for the right hand (blue).But it could also mean that your thumb on the […]

Eighth Notes Rests On Top Of A Note

Hi! I just had a question about Eighth Rests. I am trying to learn how to play The Portrait from the Titanic, and there are a lot of Eighth Rests directly above another note. What does that mean, and what am I supposed to do there? I attached a picture I attempted to draw on […]