High School Musical Cereal – The Power Of Brand

High School Musical – The Cereal.

High School Music Cereal – alone shows how one brand (High School Musical) can release multiple products, and therefore bring their community wherever they go.

Granted, the cereal is nothing to write home about (and I don’t think it has much staying power) but its a novelty item, and capitalizes on what humans are attracted to – right now.

Its a smart move, because kids love cereal, and therefore its a good target market. If High School Musical were to release Shoes, socks, bike helmets, etc. then they’d be OK. Because when you invest in your brand you invest in Social Capital.

So for all of you musicians out there worrying about selling out, or marketing, just pay attention and realize that your building your brand, and that’s something to invest in.

But perhaps the most important thing to invest in is your fans :)

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