Get Offline

The most important part to being online is being offline. Break away from your computer. Meet people, go on tour. The bottom line in all of this is that hugs and handshakes make the difference. So get out there and do it. You get more done in a 5 minute in person conversation than you […]

Tension Chords

Using tension in your chords is very effective. Music (and life) is all a series of tension and release. So to play a chord that is outside of a key signature, it creates tension, which makes your ear NEED to move to the resolution chord – which is usually the tonic, root, or ‘one’ chord.

Flavor Chords

Using basic chords might be all that is called for – but what if you wanted to add color? What about piano? Well, look no further! Here is a quick overview (pun intended) of the basic idea of adding flavor to your chords via sus, fourths, sevenths, and extensions.

Revision 3 NYC May 2009 Meetup At Lunasa’s

To learn more about NYC Revision 3 events go here In this picture David Chaitt (@Chaitters), Jon Accarrino (@Accarrino), Jim Louderback (@JLouderb), me, Anthony Perry (ajperry74), and Daniel Delaney. Last night I hosted my first Revision3 meetup. It was at Lunasa’s Bar and had a great turn out with alot of interesting people. We had […]

Week #21: Crab Drill

The Crab Drill is the idea of making your hands walk up and down the guitar similar to how a crab would do it. This purpose is to fool your brain into doing patterns that its not used to performing. The result is that you will tackle new techniques and playing patterns much easier. Because […]