Stephen Colbert At Donors Choose NYC Event

The other day Stephen Colbert was at New York’s Manhattan Bridges High School in order to interview Charles Best of Donors For those unfamiliar, Donors Choose is “an online organization that allows teachers to request needed funding from individual donors for classroom projects not covered by school budgets.”

Here’s video of me in the Press Section of Stephen Colbert’s DonorsChoose Event:

Here’s how the official video looks:

Video Link



Little did I know that Donors Choose has their own Youtube Page – Awesome! So I was pleased to learn that the videos are available for your viewing pleasure!

As you all know – I helped with Donors Choose’s Blogger Challenge

This all came to the attention of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation‘s announcement of a $4.1 million grant for, a nonprofit organization.

I learned the other day that Colbert is a board member and supporter of – where he mentioned that he had found out about it through Craig Newmark. Basically, the story mentioned that Craig made a donation in the name of his Presidential Campaign.

All in all it was a blast. Enjoy the videos!

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  1. Sorry, not funny. Ricky Gervais put down humor = funny. This guy = lame. Quite different from Seinfeld, this guy only aplaeps to the simpleton who finds humor in seeing the other side mocked. Even if the mocking is not done skillfully or with much wit. I’m sure every 10th joke he pokes fun at a Democrat, so that makes it balanced . How transparent.Haha, he has a funny sounding name. Hahaha, he said penis. And erectile disfunction. Yeah, Republicans can’t get it up, man. Hahaha. Then again, there are some people who think the last decade or so of SNL is funny.

  2. Jap, das geht zwar durchaus imemr mal wieder.Aber in 90% der Fälle behält man auch die schädlichen Dateien auf dem Rechner.^^Siehe dazu die meisten letzten Posts von mir.Mit freundlichem Gruß,Simon(Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration)

  3. I just didn’t want to have a “FAQ” page if there weren’t frequently asked questions, it seemed a little more than silly, not to mention fake.Makes sense!

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