Stock 20 Does Royalty Free Music Publishing

Ever wanted to get your music into a video game, commercial, or movie?

Some prefer to go through websites that do the Music Publishing for you. Publishing is the idea of getting your music ‘placed’ in a media project. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Music Supervisors oversee a project and decide what music works best for a given project, and then there are the negotiations, copyright, etc. that go with it.

I had recently wrote about Pump Audio, Taxi, and more a few weeks ago. Enter Stock 20.

Stock 20 has a music library of ‘Royalty Free Music for Media Professionals’. Granted, there is no shortage of Royalty Free Music services online. But the idea is to

Having someone else do the muck work for you is pretty cool. In a world of Creative Commons and self publishing, I tend to wonder how those effect the business models of these companies. Either way, perhaps Stock 20 or some of the other sites are right for you.

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