Featured On Ustream And The iPhone!

Its official – I’m featured on the iPhone: In addition, whenever I go live now I’m featured on the front page of Ustream.TV! You can see me here sitting next to Fox News’ Stream, as well as Chris Pirillo‘s, too. To check me out live go here and let’s keep in touch! More stuff to […]

I’m In HD!

Now you get to see all my imperfections! Here it is through Viddler: Here it is through Youtube: Here it is through Blip: The Viddler embed looks crisp – doesn’t it? What do you guys think? Blip, Youtube, Viddler, etc…

Stephen Colbert At Donors Choose NYC Event

The other day Stephen Colbert was at New York’s Manhattan Bridges High School in order to interview Charles Best of Donors Choose.org. For those unfamiliar, Donors Choose is “an online organization that allows teachers to request needed funding from individual donors for classroom projects not covered by school budgets.” Here’s video of me in the […]

Be Yourself

“Be Yourself, because everybody else is already taken” My friend Shira Lazar shot this Twitter update and I thought it was the best thing I had read all month. This is true – because in a world where everybody is worrying about which click or group they connect with and trying to make other people […]

Social Media 4 Social Change

As I mentioned the other day The other day I performed at Social Media 4 Social Change along with the very talented Marissa Levy. Social Media For Social Change, or SM4SC, is what the Web is ALL about. As you may know, I helped with DonorsChoose.org so I have experience with doing good things for […]

Wix.com: Flash Web Publishing For Musicians

The other day I met up with Allon of Wix.com for a brief sit-down to learn more about this publishing platform. As you all know, I use WordPress because of my active blog, but Wix is something that has hit on a strong audience, especially musicians, and so I wanted to know more about it. […]

Learn Songs By Ear!

Want to learn a song by Ear? Then turn to Hear and Play. Hear and Play is THE internet’s destination for learning piano and music pitch by ear. Hear and Play is one of my Sponsors (just wanted to disclose that). But the reason I’m happy to have them on board is because their service […]

The Psychology Behind Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle has experienced an overnight sensation. One minute prior to her performance, people were laughing, rolling their eyes, and snickering to each other. But she kept her poise, and in turn has generated over 30,000,000 Youtube hits, is currently a Trending Twitter topic throughout the whole week, and appearances on Larry King, News and […]

Twitter Vs. Blogging

My friend Gabe Alonso brought up a pretty good question today: Is there even a point to have a blog if you can micro-blog on Twitter? The answer… Yes! Microblogging tools like Tumblr or even the Facebook Status bar are great for getting the word out about something… but blogging is good for videos, pictures, […]