Shira Lazar Interviews Me On Kyte, Car Style!

Ahhh, the beauty of Web 2.0. Learned the other day through Twitter that my friend Shira Lazar was coming to New York City. As it turns out, I just moved here!

So as she’s driving here we decided to boot up Kyte and do a quick interview via New Media style :)

My audio is minimal in the video, but we talk about Revision3 and how I have a Revision 3 Beta Show teaching music lesssons. We also discuss my 5-year goal.. which is to release ANOTHER CD, and go on tour :)

But the real fun is in the video.. not the audio. They make a pit stop, and then before I knew it the interview was over. I remember being on Seesmic and discussing to Shira of her personal branding questions. I’m glad to have learned of her Pop Report and how it is all condensed into her personal site – the total right call :)

Follow @Shira and @BradleyGrill and stay tuned to Shira’s Kyte Show – where she promises to have better lighting and audio next time!

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  1. ce am prezentat modul în care simonopetriţii împart zilele liturgice, apoi rânduiala laudelor zilnice, vă prezint o descriere sumară a Liturghiei simonopetrite, care în general se slujeşte la fel

  2. C’était plus ambigu. Au début j’avais cru de que tu citais des dépêches avant de capter que c’était un fake. Là personne ne pense qu’il s’agit de véritables courriers, enfin j’espère.

  3. I’m grateful you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

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