Inversions Explained!

Inversions in music are the idea of ‘flipping’ two notes around. So in stead of the intervals from C to G (which is 5 notes away – C D E F G) you simply invert that creating an interval from G to C (which is 4 notes away G A B C)

Inversions follow the concept of “Rule of 9

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  1. Hello since you do not accept questions on youtube anymore i am writing a question here but i dont know if you’ll see it because its a old video ,but my question is what do you mean by 3rd interval in bass and how do you know when you are in bass territory by definition? If you already had answered this im am sorry >< – thank you fort working so hard Mr.Ribiero i hope you are doing good!

  2. R 3 5 in a C chord is C E G. So I’m referring to playing the third interval (in this example the ‘E’ note) in the bass. It sounds bad in many examples, but if rarely done well, then it’s effective. Bass territory is usually below Middle C, or in Bass Clef.

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