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Last Fm. Based on what you listen to, recommends you new music. Think of it as a brain that listens to what you listen to and tells you what you’re missing out on! Its obvious your friends are a lot like you. You all dress the same, talk the same, and listen to the same music. This site capitalizes on that – to learn more go here

Pandora. Also known as “The Musical Gene Pool. Recently has been integrated with Boxee and has a large PR event. This site claims to be “the most comprehensive analysis of music ever compiled.” Not bad for a site that started in 2000.

The Hype Machine. Music bloggers like to blog. Hype Machine tracks those blogs and handpicks a set of music blogs and creates diagrams and stats based off them. As a result, you can find the music YOU best fit, and relate to which blogs Hype Machine thinks you should be reading and ‘listening’ to. They have an interesting way of how they select blogs, and wide selection of both pop and underground artists/blogs.

PodBop. Finding mp3’s and blogs is one thing, but Podbop goes a step further… on tour. With a wide selection of artists. Enter in your Zip Code and simply find out bands on tour and get results (including RSS for future events). They easily integrate their services with Eventful. Its a pretty meet mashup and idea. I was checking out the NYC area RSS feed, and like what I’m seeing – I wonder where they take this website! OK, so everyone knows how much I love Twitter. Well, now think of Twitter that is ONLY music, and you have – It’s simple, you tell people wht your listening to, and they can stream it, follow you, and create a social network around those they find interesting. I, personally, love this service, but its ashame I don’t use it more.

Podsafe Music Network. With its launch in 2005 and the ever growing popularity of Creative Commons and Podcasting, the PMN created an entire culture of independent online radio content providers. Indpendant Musicians from all around the world simply upload their music, and give a license to the PMN Network to use it in their broadcasts. Started by Adam Curry of MTV VJ fame, this site has since been re-branded as Mevio and includes such music talent as Jonathan Coulton, Jana Fisher, Uncle Seth, and more!

Webjay. Unfortunately has been closed by Yahoo. Webjay was very similar to Until then there is always LaunchCAST to create your own online radio station, meet other broadcasters, and discover new music in the process!


  1. That’s a great list! I use Pandora regularly for everything from rock to classical, including a few parties that I’ve hosted. The make for the best, commercial-free radio experience. Lately, I’ve been fiddling with It’s a lot like blip, with a thinner interface, and from what I can tell, just as great a collection of music.

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