6 Websites To Help Your Music Career

Sure – we’re all familiar with Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook. But in this web 2.0 world now, there are many services to help you out. Perhaps one or two or listed below:

Artist Share: Artist Share was founded Brian Camelio, and allows artists to use their fans in able to create their music. It allows the artists to be part of the creative process- almost create a business partnership between the two parties (artists and their fans). You can help out in recordings, watch studio sessions, autographed merchandise, and more.

Sellaband: I like the idea of this site alot. Basically, bands try to raise $50,000 by accumulating the money from donors (who are called believers). A believer can offer to buy a ‘part’ for $10, and when the band accumilates $50,000 (price can change depending on project) then the believers watch the band record, tour, etc. The more ‘parts’ a believer purchases, the higher their rank and goodies they receive from the band.

Pump Audio: Similar to TAXI (written below) where they take your music and find media outlets where it can be used. The big difference with them is that their Terms of Use are different (they publish your music under their publishing company and in turn send you a check if it gets used). Of course its Non-Exclusive, you still own your copyright to your work, and its free! So you only get paid when they get paid.

SonicBids: When I think Sonicbids, I think tour. Founded by Panos Panay, Sonicbids has created an entire business model off of the infamous ‘Press Kit’. All press kits used to be different, and now Sonicbids has made them all uniform. This makes it easier for publicists, bar owners, etc. to do their job – and that’s always a good thing. They have created a dedicated fanbase of clients who use this service to book gigs, gain press, connect with their fans, and more.

TAXI: This website does one thing only – music publishing. If you wonder who to talk to to get your music into that perfect commercial or movie, then you may want to consider joining TAXI. TAXI is Non-Exclusive, but cost nearly $300 per year. I, personally, was a member of TAXI, but discontinued my service because I felt it wasn’t right for me. But it may be for you! TAXI has amazing customer service, and a great business model.

Broadjam: Founder, Roy Elkins, has created a Swiss Army Knife for musicians. This one-stop-shop has a bunch of services for musicians – create and maintain your own website, music publishing, and more. Artists receive 80 cents per mp3 sale, which is one of the highest in the Industry.

Alot of these websites cost money and time. So be sure you’re investing what you’re getting out of it. No one can do the work for you – so don’t expect these to be a ‘magic wand’ where they build you’re fanbase for you. In the end, its up to you to do the work, and utilize these services to help you along the way!

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