31 Recording Tips

We’re all musicians here – and we all probably will record something soon (or have!). So here are my thoughts of things to keep in mind… a few Recording Tips: Preparation 1.) Practice. Practice. Practice. Know the songs perfectly BEFORE you get into the recording studio. 2.) Its expensive, so it HAS to be good. […]

What Is Creative Commons And Podsafe?

Ahhh, yes – Creative Commons! You’ve probably heard it being thrown around alot. So what is it and Who uses it? The New Copyright In the past when someone created a work it wasn’t Public Domain, and NOBODY was allowed to use it, give it to a friend, mash it up, etc. But Web 2.0 […]

Would You Pay $5,000 For A Music Concert?

We are all familiar with New Media, innovative marketing, and loss leaders. This is an interesting way to make money tho – Harding’s CD is priced around $16, but the big catch is that you can purchase him to play a private show at your house for $5,000. Hmm… this is about a post that […]

How To Write Lyrics

One of my students “GuitarG3ek” asked me a question the other day: How do I write lyrics? The way to get good at writing lyrics is the same way you get good at playing basketball, or driving a car… You simply do it EVERY DAY! Your emotions, anger, love, passion, hate, and triumph – All […]

The Power Of Twitter

Twitter is Powerful. But so is all of Web 2.0. So what’s the power of Twitter? Well, Twitter is only as power as one’s Community. I recently pimped my Facebook to my twitter followers, and within hours I had 20 responses. Whoa… In addition, the other day I asked all my cool Twitter peeps “What’s […]

What It Feels Like To Be 25 Years Old

OK so last month was my birthday, which you all probably noticed from this post. So what’s it feel like to be 25 so far? I feel more ‘grounded’ now than ever before. Everything in my life is starting to ‘click’. I have awesome friends, a weird job, and a creative brain. I’ve worked extremely […]