New Work City Changes Workplace And Maybe Indie Music Landscape

What if I told you the new studio isn’t going to be a studio – it’s going to be a complete building filled with Independent musicians.

But also along side of those producers, etc are going to be graphic designers, PR agents, web developers, journalists, and more.

Let’s face it – “Working alone sucks”. Well, yes – and so does writing music alone. No one wants to feel lonely, and everybody works better when around others.

So now imagine an entire building of musicians working together, helping each other, recording each other, and more.

Enter New Work City, Indy Hall, and many more! For a complete list if places simply go here

What is Coworking?

More and more people are becoming self employed – including musicians. Coworking is the idea of getting all these people together in one place. Think of it as a normal office, but of the people, by the people, and for the people.

It may be a while until this all happens. But could we see a place in the future where Music Publishers, Lawyers, Designers, Musicians, Band Reps, Producers, and more work in ONE building?! It would make an interesting and competitive atmosphere – but only time will tell…


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