Mobile Devices Receive Broadcasts In 2009!

Welcome to mobile entertainment. This is big news from a musician’s standpoint. 22 U.S. cities including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Washington and Atlanta will start broadcasting to mobile devices this year! As the world makes a shift to go completely mobile, this is a huge move. With sites like Hulu, Qik, and more, we can expect to be ‘on the go’ for our entertainment. Coffee shops now have WiFi, Airports now have Internet, and Laptops are more powerful than Desktops were only a few short years ago.

So now expect to receive Music Tours, Shows, and more to take full advantage of this landscape. And if you’re a touring musician or in the music industry, then pay attention.

The Consumer Electronics Show (Also known as CES) was home to several big announcements from these companies, which included LG. LG has been known to use new media before in their Youtube Contests.

According to The Washington Post, the obstacle for this to happen is in the Phone Companies. Verizon, who has tried hard with their VCast to get this going, it has seen a decline in its service. I feel like the reason for this is simply because VCast didn’t support all formats and phones, which is usually the death for other technology too.

The largest, AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless, sell phones that are compatible with a rival mobile broadcasting system run by Qualcomm Inc. It provides 10 channels for $15 per month. As always, cars are a large mobile market, so expect to hear more about their status in the coming months!


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