New Work City Changes Workplace And Maybe Indie Music Landscape

What if I told you the new studio isn’t going to be a studio – it’s going to be a complete building filled with Independent musicians. But also along side of those producers, etc are going to be graphic designers, PR agents, web developers, journalists, and more. Let’s face it – “Working alone sucks”. Well, […] Closes Its Doors

Breaking News: is closing its doors. With the increasing growth in internet activity, a website for musicians was a great asset to the music community. But, as is were, there is increasing competition from Myspace, Reverbnation, IndiePendence Music, Facebook, Jamendo, Pure Volume, and many more. What was was a place similar to […]

RIAA Abandons Lawsuits While 95% Of Music Is Illegally Downloaded

Hmmm…. coincidence? Gizmodo published an article claiming that 95% of downloaded music is pirated which comes at an interesting time considering that the RIAA just announced last week that they are uplifting lawsuits. Well, now as we enter the New Media age, things are changing… quickly. Today’s music is from independent artists. The internet is […]

The End Of Microsoft’s Zune?

The Zune, Microsoft’s portable music player, is rumored to be laying to rest. It couldn’t cut into Apple’s iTunes and iPod sales, and has even received few support amongst mp3 buyers. (Thanks to HaveBoard for extra help on this blog) As a musician, we’re seeing a big change in landscape from media, to digital. The […]

Is Twitter The New Business Card?

OK, I use Twitter all the time. I’ve met amazing people this year through it. Having attended numerous meetups and conventions for my Music Lesson Show, I noticed something interesting: Instead of handing out business cards, more people are asking me “What’s your Twitter?” So I’d answer follow me on Twitter @WaltRibeiro! I used to […]