Arpeggios Tricks And Explanations

Click here to subscribe Arpeggios are a broken chord. You can still play the chord with your left hand, but with the pick hand only play “one note at a time“. The same goes for all instruments. On piano, or glockenspiel, or even flute – simply play the chord one note at a time. Try […]

The Facebook Effect

Today is my birthday! As a result, every one of my social sites were blowing up, especially my Facebook and Twitter. Check it out above. All this and it wasn’t even 3pm yet. You guys Rock! Thanks for all the well wishes :) Closes Its Doors

Breaking News: is closing its doors. With the increasing growth in internet activity, a website for musicians was a great asset to the music community. But, as is were, there is increasing competition from Myspace, Reverbnation, IndiePendence Music, Facebook, Jamendo, Pure Volume, and many more. What was was a place similar to […]

Use iPhone’s iTick App For A Portable Metronome!

A metronome is any device that produces a regulated aural, visual or tactile pulse to establish a steady tempo in the performance of music. It is a useful practice tool for musicians that dates back to the early 19th century. Metronomes are THE most important learning utensil in one’s toolkit. It keeps the beat for […]

Creating Scales On The Guitar

Creating Scales On The Guitar To create scales, we will be using which ever key we decide to use. In this case lets make an A Major scale using our A major key: A B C# D E F# G# If we take these notes we found in our key (A B C# D E […]

Creating Major And Minor Chords

This Post written by James Dellay. To learn more about him follow him on Twitter! Creating Major Chords Creating Major Chords using the R/3/5 idea.Root/3rd/5th is the algorithm to create Major chords,The Root is the key you are playing in, in our case A Major, the 3rd is the 3rd alphabetic character in your key, […]

Mobile Devices Receive Broadcasts In 2009!

Welcome to mobile entertainment. This is big news from a musician’s standpoint. 22 U.S. cities including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Washington and Atlanta will start broadcasting to mobile devices this year! As the world makes a shift to go completely mobile, this is a huge move. With sites like Hulu, Qik, and […]

The End Of Microsoft’s Zune?

The Zune, Microsoft’s portable music player, is rumored to be laying to rest. It couldn’t cut into Apple’s iTunes and iPod sales, and has even received few support amongst mp3 buyers. (Thanks to HaveBoard for extra help on this blog) As a musician, we’re seeing a big change in landscape from media, to digital. The […]

Is Twitter The New Business Card?

OK, I use Twitter all the time. I’ve met amazing people this year through it. Having attended numerous meetups and conventions for my Music Lesson Show, I noticed something interesting: Instead of handing out business cards, more people are asking me “What’s your Twitter?” So I’d answer follow me on Twitter @WaltRibeiro! I used to […]

American Music Awards Versus Youtube Live

A few weeks ago was the American Music Awards on ABC. Normally this wouldn’t make a huge difference in my life, but this comes at a time where I had just finished watching Youtube Live. We live in a User-Generated age, where we shoot our own video, take our own pictures, and even sell then […]