Youtube Goes High Def And Affiliates With Apple’s iTunes

Musicians now have even more resources for bigger and better quality content for their work. The biggest video sharing site in the world is now in High Def. It’s not HD – but its close. It’s better to refer to it as “Higher Quality”. Still, this is big news for video producers, artists, advertisers, TV shows, and yes – musicians.

Music Videos have been around since the 70’s ever since MTV launched on August 1, 1981. Now with the affordable costs of cameras, distribution, and more, we will start to see movies, music videos, and all sorts of video creations on Youtube.

But there’s more…

In addition we’ve started to see Purchase from iTunes links below the videos of several channels – mainly major labels. Look at the picture below and you’ll notice it at the very bottom.

But in typical Google fashion, they will probably roll this out to all users in the future – which would boost an entire indie music market on Youtube. Direct links are the secret to the internet, and this is big news.

So, as a musician myself who successfully sells my music off of my website, and affiliates with aggregators like CD Baby to sell my music off iTunes – I feel very good about Youtube and where’s its been headed. Their mailing system is a bit better (although a gmail integration would be smart), as are their features like annotations, search, etc.

To combine the huge amount of traffic, adsense payout, and now iTunes and High Def features – Youtube is setting itself up to take a large stake in the movie, music, and entertainment business.

So will Youtube be the new MTV – and with direct purchasing links for new music videos? Only time will tell…


  1. Interesting in that I was, just today, thinking that youtube missed the boat and hulu is swooping in to take a lot of traffic.

    I dont’ watch youtube videos daily but very quickly hulu has become a daily view for me. While it’s great to have such a wide variety of videos on youtube there is way too much video that most people don’t want to watch. If youtube had more of the commercial stuff in addition to the high quality indie content [like yours] then it’d be unstoppable.

  2. Hulu is setting itself up to be a real winner, too! I agree 100% Sean. I feel Hulu is going to have an easier time monetizing itself.

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