Who’s Your Biggest Fan?

You are. I recently started a Fanpage my Music on Facebook for everyone who supports my music. In turn, I joined the page as a fan. As a result, people started emailing me and asking why I would do that. Kevin Rose should wear his Diggnation shirt. Lisa Bettany should wear her shirt. Gary should […]

New Music "Last Words"

I spent alot of time this week on this new piece. It’s called ‘Last Words’. You can listen to it below! Go here to Purchase this or more of my music. This piece means alot to me: I always feel that people are at their strongest when their back is against a wall. In turn, […]

Class 9: Kanye West, TI, And Beatles: Sample Examples

I recently wrote a post about how Sampling has grown into an artform in itself and how Internet songs are bleeding into Mainstream audiences, etc. So this interested me in explaining “How Sampling Works” in music! Basically, you’re taking a sections of the song, and looping them, mashing them up, and in turn creating new […]

The History Of Christmas Music

The History of Christmas music started as Carols that were first sung in Europe thousands of years ago. They were sung at the Winter Solstice celebrations as people danced round stone circles. The Winter Solstice usually takes place around the 22nd December – which is the shortest day of the year. But its important to […]

Microsoft – The Restaurant

Chris Brogan wrote a post about cross promotion titled ‘Thinking About Branding‘ the other day. Basically, he mentioned how he thinks a company should not branch out into other venues – but I disagree. I would want to try these things out – and study them. ‘Microsoft – The Restaurant‘ was one example, and he […]

Radio’s Worst Year In Over A Half Century

Last month Andrew Winistorfer of Prefix Mag reported that Sirius XM had serious troubles to take care of in this new media world. Its stock prices were at $0.16 a share. In addition, it was recently reported that terrestrial radio is having its worst year… in decades. Yes – we’re in a recession of sorts, […]