Music Acts In Youtube Live 2008 And Youtube Gathering 2008

Youtube Live marked a new era in shows and performances – both in music and other art forms. Last night was the first ever annual Youtube Live Concert, and it was everything I’d hoped it be. Interesting that it was neither an award show, or a talent show – rather, it was a performance show – with skits and more – and it was a blast to witness.

What was so great about Youtube Live?

Aside from the lineup of performances and more, the first thing I noticed was the option of choosing between 3 camera angles:

Notice at the bottom right corner are three little boxes. Those 3 boxes represent 3 different camera angles: Main Stage, BackStage, or Off Stage. I’m used to watching The Grammy’s or the MTV Video Music Awards or even last night’s American Music Awards and being stuck on just one camera angle. I love the internet and new technology, and this was a great feature!

Music Acts take center stage at Youtube Live 2008

There were no shortage of reputable guests both of Internet fame and mainstream fame. The picture above shows BeardyMan who did a killin performance during the event of his Beat Boxing skills. I quickly realized that as the show went on that I was perfectly comfortable watching it from my computer rather than my television, and that this is how things may be in 10 years. Of course, the fusion of TV and internet is inevitable, but this was the first major award show streamed exclusively online, and is a big first step towards the internet’s growth as a true and effective platform. Check out this video of Joe Satriani‘s performance:

Music Acts dominate the Event

There was also no shortage of Music Acts. Above is a clip showing one of my guitar hero’s Joe Satriani playing with FunTwo. Later in the event was a great performance by Philadelphia’s very own Spinto Band, and later on The Sick Puppies did a great performance backing their infamous Free Hugs Campaign video

Funny Skits also segway’d throughout Youtube Live 2008

Like all award shows, there were many funny skits that acted as segways and fillers between acts. In this clip here it shows a Barack Obama Impersonator and Lisa Nova impersonating Sarah Palin. This was the first year the 2008 Olympics were streamed online, too – so the internet is really changing how things are released and events are held.

Ever been to a Youtube Gathering? Well, I have, and its always a good time. I have a successful Youtube Channel and I love being part of the community. My love for people clearly surpasses my love for technology, although both are important in my life. But when the two come together, that’s what makes me the happiest. Whether its a Tweetup with my Twitter friends, Improv Everywhere, Youtube Gathering, Seesmic Meetup, BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Los Angeles, Karaoke Party, NYTVF, or even a simple TechSushi Meetup – I’m in… all the way!

Michael Buckley of ‘What the Buck’ posted this video titled “OMG! See you Saturday in NYC!!” which is just one of many that promote the event. He too, was part of Youtube Live, as many others like Julia Nunes, William Sledd, and What The Buck, and many others. Check out Bo Burnham‘s performance.

So what’s a Youtube Gathering? And Why Go?

Being a user of the Internet, I love the idea of connecting with people all over the world. I enjoy meeting people through social sites like Twitter, MySpace, and even Youtube, and this allows me to see them, meet them, and hang out with them. We all already have something in common – our love for technology and social networking, so these meetups are always a great time!

I remember a few months ago I attended ‘YoTube’ Philly on 7-12-08 and came away learning alot about people and the entire internet community. Everybody is passionate about something. Whether that passion is wine, bikes, music, people, friends, or family, then when you get all these people together with all these different backgrounds, and passions and interests, its always great to be part of something big.

So let’s stay connected, so feel free to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my Youtube, and more.

So what did you think of Youtube Live?

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  1. There was a medic station, child day care, a food court, sleeping quarters, hundreds of signs and banners, live music, and a sense of camaraderie and purpose you’d struggle to find in most American cities, possibly anywhere else in this country. …

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