Creating An Effective Presentation (1 Of 2)

A few weeks ago I blogged about my experiences at Podcamp Pittsburgh 3. While there I did 3 effective presentations on New Media, Scaling, Building Sponsors, community, and more as a full time job. This post will explain what I have done in order to build everything literally from the ground up. I was thrilled to learn that those who attended were thrilled with the outcome, so I decided to share my thoughts:

Podcam Pittsburgh 3 Walt Ribeiro Lecture
Photo by Pomona

So what goes into an effective Presentation?

Well here’s what my presentation consisted of:

  • A computer (preferably a MAC) with an internet connection
  • A Projector in order to present the screenshot of your computer’s screen
  • Energy. Passion. Confidence.
  • A Powerpoint (for PC’s) or Keynote (for MAC’s) presentation
  • I’ve done presentations with nothing more than just me. No internet connection, no computer, no excuses. In fact, some of the best one’s I’ve done were the one’s where there was just me. you have no slideshows to cover up, you have to speak from your heart, and from your mind. Those are the most meaningful, and the most informative sessions.

    But let’s say you have internet, computers, electricity, slideshows, etc. We have the setup… now what?

    Photo by Denis from BarCampPhilly


    Whatever it is you do in life you HAVE to be passionate about it. It can be recycling, cars, chairs, music, books, eating, wine, computers, girls, boys, blogging, wordpress, video, whatever!

    Let’s take socks for example: There’s 8 Billion people in the world, which means there are 16 billion potential feet wearing socks RIGHT NOW! Imagine, so even 1/10th of 1/10th of 1% of the number of those people is still a HUGE market for that. Got it? Good. So here’s what my presentation basically consists of, although it continually progresses with new and better content, so read on…

    “Building a community as a full time job, here’s what I had to say”

    “Making it on Your Own” consists of 3 things: Content, Sponsors, Community

    Community is the goal, not sponsors. People have to ‘identify’ with you, so you have to be REAL. No one likes a mean person… no one.

    You MUST create good content. “Do it well, and do it often” is one of my favorite quote by Viral Video Genius ‘Kevin Nalts‘.

    Let the community become friends with each other, and promote that. Promote friendship, promote community, promote sharing. Make your videos Creative Commons, give your music away for free.

    Be the Last Man Standing

    If I were to have given up on this idea of teaching music lessons I would have never survived to see the benefits of my labors. Just when I wanted to give up, I made the front page of Youtube, then I was written up in the Guardian Newspaper, then things started happening. My Subscribers and mailing list and more started growing, and the community began to take shape. Revision 3 was interested in doing a Music Lesson Show, and more things happened.

    Its important to mention that as time goes on your content gets better, you network more, your community grows, and you work smarter and more efficiently. So the first step is the hardest, and everything after that is exponentially easier.

    It’s been 8 months and I’ve had ups and downs. In fact, I remember wanting to end my show multiple times. Either because I wasn’t confident in its success, or because I had bills to pay and I couldn’t survive any longer. Everybody has doubts, and you have to learn to take those losses and emotions and build off them. YOU have to those emotions, they don’t control you.

    I left my job, no looking back. This is an important step in order to force yourself to succeed. I know of a few people that work like this. When your back is against the wall, you realize that its survive or die. So this was a big step for me in my drive, passion, and work ethic in order to succeed. on the same note, Robert Kazorowski of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ often stated that he would spend more money than he made knowing that when push came to shove he’d HAVE to find a way to make the money by the end of the month to pay his rent, etc. Its psychology, so use it to your advantage.

    The way you Build your Community is by Word of Mouth. That’s it. Done. No argument here. I’ve tried every form of advertising out there. Let me save you months of trial and error: Simply answer every email, phone call, Myspace, Newsletter, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Seesmic, Emails, Forum response, Network Parties, RSS Feeds, etc. If all you did was get three new fans a day, you’ll have a self-dependent community within 3 months. That’s 90 people who are ACTIVELY on your side. But it doesn’t stop there. Those 90 people over the months may tell 2 or 3 of their friends, who may then tell a bunch of their friends about you. So in 3 months its very possible to sustain a community of 500-600 people, who all got word of month from the original 90 you reached out to.

    More on my next blog post! Go Here.


    1. Paradis

      Wow… that article really hit me. If there were more people like you, there would be more success in this world!


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    11. to post it in the head of my website and when I do, I can see it on my website. it's not hidden as it should be. Can someone look at my front page and tell me. I was putting it in the head, just before the google verification code. Thanks. Colette

    12. PS- My last email was just a heads up to you and not meant to go on the wall of your site. If you need any help with the work you are doing, just let me know. Sent from my iPhone

    13. ufc

      iTunes had them wrong when they first put them up. If I recall correctly they fixed them when they got a lot of "feedback". It happened fairly quickly after they went up.

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    53. You’re forgetting that by killing her you’ll only make her a martyr. And heaven knows we don’t want that.I suggest making her vegetable or something. That way we’ll get a massive media circus about her being a vegetable, and thus if she ever even has a legacy it won’t send people into a blind rage, but it will be ‘that silly American woman who was a vegetable’. And from there she can fade quietly into obscurity…

    54. Dani, I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I love to hear what happens on the journey to publication for other writers and no I’m not alone with all those doubt demons. Best of luck.

    55. SteveI worked in a hospital billing department for 20 years and I can tell you as long as there is medical necessity for a service there will be no rationing. The big issue was always to prove to Medicare the reason the patient needed the test. Also Medicare could and did request a patient’s medical records to review the history. If it was found to be unnecessary they would take thier money back. Sure there are cheaters and that’s why we need to monitor claims better.

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    61. That story is heartbreaking, truly. I will add his family to my prayers tonight.That app sounds wonderful! I'm sure your generosity will be rewarded. What goes around comes around, too, you know… :)

    62. You are a great writer! I love how you interwove your story, and with your personal vulnerabilities into the story of the blues song. Just like a great piece of music! You have real insight and depth; and I know when you find the right woman, she will have to be a real quality lady, and you won’t need to be singing the blues!Lianda Ludwig recently posted

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    65. Olga: Thank you! So far I've been pretty lucky with respect to my hair's condition but the dip-dye did kill it O.O Glad to have good-ish hair back! :)Cardigan is from H&M guys! :)

    66. Powerful and beautiful. My thoughts are with you and your family on this difficult day. I know the hugs and laughter of your girls will help this day seem a bit better.

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    68. Oh goodness, wish I were closer I would take you out for lunch and give you a big hug. I so understand the doom and gloom and the frustration. I don’t have any answers for you, just out of curiousity how close are you to Rancho Bernardo in San Diego? Sending something small to your donation fund

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    74. Thank you, and GOD BLESS YOU and all you do to spread the GOODNEWS of Social Justice for all. Keep up your good work, Sister Patty.You make me proud to be a memeber of a religious community.S. Carole Gurdak, CSA

    75. Oh, you brought it all back for me the first time I left my daughter…You are so bang on the money for the primal need that happens…Now, pass me that wine and cookies and listen to some more music…

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    81. Unfortunately, there are people in leadership positions because they won an election who have no business making important decisions. These people must believe they are accountable to no one for their poor decisions and mismanagement.

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    338. OMG — I am so proud of Meg. She is a true inspiration to all women and teens and its awesome to see her gracing the runways again.Way to go Meg — thanks for showing the way for us.

    339. That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

    340. i mentioned before…(whispers) we are already Proto-Fascist. i think it is not proclaimed as such and openly embraced, especially by the Republican Party, because the term has so many negative connotations with the NAZIS and all. but there were definitely sympathies in America in the 30's among the financial and industrial elite, and so many embrace the trappings today even as they proclaim their fetish for personal liberties…. they'd default their government to corporate plutocracy; a fascist modality.

    341. Ronald – First, make sure you enable and choose category to feature on theme options.On edit post mode, look lower right for “featured image” button to setup image for slider, use big image 600×280 for better quality.or you can use custom field name = slider, to custom defined slider image.

    342. No sólo utilizo habitualmente DTG y Dropbox (en cambio, prefiero Nimbuzz a Ebuddy) sino que me resulta imprescindible la vinculación con los servicios de Google, tal como ya he dejado dicho en otra respuesta. Pero eso no significa que a otros usuarios también les tengan que gustar.

    343. It was great to know more about you. I am with you about staying connected with nature and showing that to our kids being challenging. Everything is so fast paced and living a simple and quiet life is getting challenging. So true!

    344. The problem of converting an O supporter to a birther is complex and simple at the same time. Its very internal on a gut level. The O supporter has to finally ADMIT they were 'HAD" by O. O is a very skilled con man. He's been conning people with his fake past for FORTY years. He's an expert at it. He smiles, wears thousand dollar suits and is charming in a thug-like manner. People FELL for this. Now they have to admit they were fooled by the biggest con artist in world history. Not easy for most people to admit

    345. As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WINNING!”

    346. That hits the target perfectly. Thanks!

    347. Hello, i think that i saw you visited my blog thus i came to “return the favor”.I am trying to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

    348. BTW, young females (high school age) don't consider giving oral sex to be "sex." Some of them will say it's a "sexual activity" but "sex" to them means vaginal penetration.Similarly, anal penetration is not, to some, "sex"…because it doesn't result in pregnancy.(I've a feeling Mr. Clinton's "it depends on what the meaning of 'is' is," has had lexical ramifications.

    349. C’est chouette, moi qui suis jeune cela me fait rêver.D’un point de vue sémantique, je pense qu’il faudrait recréer le vocabulaire à utiliser, que ce soit ‘anticapitalisme’, ‘décroissance’, ‘libéral’, etc. Tout ces mots sont tellement chargés que pour une majorité de personnes il ne veulent plus rien dire, ou en tout cas il ne porte pas d’idées nouvelles mais seulement critiques. Enfin c’est mon avis!

    350. Lula diz tem ódio porque?O Brasil é vítima desse senhor por 8 anos e sequer reclamou. Pelo contrário, deu de tudo para esse sujeito.Ingrato é o que ele é.Pois em qualquer país ele ja estaria longe do governo.Agradeça Sr. Lula, que o senhor não é presidente na China, nem no Irã…Velho ingrato e mal agradecido!

    351. I use Facebook regularly. I do not list in my profile where I work. Nor do I have ANY coworkers but a small select few as friends…I’ve found out the hard way that there’s Facebook snitches. In fact, I’ve blocked just about ALL of the people at work who I know have Facebook accounts. It’s just better that way. Even something innocuous that’s NOT a violation of HIPAA has been taken out of context and caused issues. So, I’ve blocked everyone at work who has Facebook. Nobody has been given special treatment…you work with me and have Facebook, you’re BLOCKED!!

    352. You may certainly see your skills inside work anyone write. The planet hopes for more passionate writers for instance you whom aren’t afraid to mention how these people believe. At almost all times pursue your heart.

    353. I found you today through "Today's Creative Blog" and just had to tell you how much I adore that play kitchen!I'm going to share this, because it's just too cute and affordable not to!: ) Amy

    354. And just look how stunning she is!I don’t know when people will realise that photoshopping isn’t doing them any favours in the long run. More often than not they look distorted and barely recognisable.

    355. Não precisei de muito para encontrar um nome a dar a isto… embuste! Que bosta!Mais um post mesmo no alvo!Grande abraço (e especial pelo dia de hoje… onde é que vamos beber um copo?)

    356. Hoi Andre,Ben je ooit van plan om na deze missie weer terug de ruimte in te gaan, als ESA-astronaut of anderszijds (wellicht commercieel)? Succes met het binnenhalen van de Dragon-capsule, ik volg de bezigheden met interesse!

    357. I remember the Smokey Stover strips being animated in that awful Archie cartoon, “Archie’s TV Funnies.” Along with Captain and the Kids, Broom Hilda, Dick Tracy and Emmy Lou (amongst others).

    358. Nancy Bolton May happiness, hope and a bright future come to those who are giving of themselves to the children of Haiti. This is truly blessed work. I am especially proud of my niece,Molly, for continuing on her road to sobriety using the tools provided to her by IIFTC. We love her so much!Aunt Nancy August 18th, 2012

    359. utente anonimo giugno 5, 2010 Maaa  noooo, numero quaattroooo…. Quale invidia:  uno che si dichiara suddito fottuto e contento non sa cosa sia l'invidia, Non Le pare Signore Invidioso?Ho fatto una constatazione: quasi tutti gli adepti di Berlusconi sono talmente invidiosi  l'uno verso l'altro  che  fanno a gara, in politica, per superarsi e superarlo… non in altezza, ma…  in ricchezza!

    360. Keep these articles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

    361. Those are yours alright! . We at least need to get these people stealing images to start blogging! They probably just did a image search and grabbed them. They look good though!

    362. What is that picture in between 00:11 and 00:12? It shows even less than the words “Stay Away” do. Its a picture of some girl. I have a screenshot but it won’t let me post it. ._. I’ll try again I guess.

    363. You could certainly see your skills in the work you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

    364. I'll vote for making any crime by a member of one group against a person of a different group a hate crime.No attempt to find motivation needed.The two stranger murders here in Edmond, Oklahoma that were black on white would be hate crimes. My interpretation of this rule with regard to sex crimes would make male on male assaults a hate crime. The class is heterosexual versus homosexual in this case.goatweed

    365. , the cost will now be passed directly to the customers. There’s nothing in these rules about bandwidth caps (which I currently have). The end result will likely be bandwidth control and taxing at the user level…use more bandwidth and want more speed? Pay a much higher price, which likely will negate many of the benefits of net neutrality to the content creators (customers will be discouraged from using apps that consume high bandwidth from allowances).I think. :)

    366. Ylan, a quebra de motor nao pode ser revertida, já que para o conserto a equipe teria de abrir o seu interior, o que só pode ser feito com o consentimento da FIA. Nao imagino que a entidade vai permitir o reparo de uma unidade quebrada se há uma regra que limita o número de unidades por ano.Abs!

    367. God morgen.Gi Luke gröntfor. Mye höy og ikke sÃ¥ mye gnagerblanding trur eg.Skjönner ikke det mÃ¥ väre sukker i allt?Dyra trenger da ikke sukker vel?Det der med brukerhÃ¥bdboka er veldigt bekant. Har ett par stykker som ligger her pÃ¥ vent og.NyttÃ¥rsforset? Nja, kanske at pröve Ã¥ komme meg ut en gang om dagen kanske. PÃ¥ en promenad…Klems Synnöve.

    368. Ooh, the sound of this crostata puts me in the Christmas/holiday spirit too! It looks so delicious, and so rare to see chocolate and cherries in a baked dough. Sounds really nice…

    369. The support operation hours are 9AM to 6PM GMT+6, Monday through Friday. The team reviews and answers ALL incoming questions and fixes all submitted issues. .

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    371. I seldom leave a response, but I browsed some comments here %BLOGTITLE%. I do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Could it be only me or does it look like like some of the comments appear like they are coming from brain dead visitors? And, if you are posting on other social sites, I’d like to keep up with you. Would you post a list of all of all your shared sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

    372. Hej Wenche. Tusind tak for i dag, det var rigtig hyggeligt og virkelig lærerigt. Glæder mig til at få min dukke helt færdig. Camilla

    373. My only disappointment with the service is that it locked me out after I had to restart my computer several times. The message I get is that it can only be used on 5 devices or browsers in a 24 hour period so I should try again. Been trying since midnight or so, still locked out.It is an incredible service otherwise. I did simultaneous uploads from two different computers and it didn’t even blink.

    374. Нет, Елена, у меня такой нет, более того, я такой притчи даже не встречала. Если у вас есть какие-нибудь интересные притчи публикуйте из здесь Надо бы подумать о разделе: притчи от посетителей сайта, но пока хоть в комментариях размещайте

    375. I am a bootcamp instructor myself (and also a participant) and it is such a great way to get and stay in shape. The mix of cardio intervals and weights keeps the body guessing and boredom at bay. It also challenges us to try exercises we may have never tried on our own!

    376. dans mon ex moyenne ville de province c’etait 15 euros le brushing, d’ailleurs quand je retourne chez mes parents j’en profite pour aller chez le coiffeur la bas, hors de question de payer une facture exorbitante pour avoir une coupe bof a paris!

    377. I was part of the team handing out the postcards at the Ice Cream Social. A few days later, I received one of those postcards in my mailbox at Peter Hobart! What a wonderful surprise!

    378. loved your guest post on Ashley’s blog (found out about your blog from that post). your outfits were so cute. i love the dusty rose colored skirt that you also wore as a dress! so cute and smart to use as a maternity dress!I love the black light tip! im going to try it on my photos more often! and congrats on your new addition sweet baby Hudson!

    379. I hope CU and other advocates for reining in these financial manipulators will work hard to make the conference bill tougher than either the Senate or House version. Public opinion is on our side so let’s put on a full-court pressd right now.

    380. entiendo perfectamente. En cierta forma, escribir este blog responde a inquietudes muy similares a las tuyas :-)Por supuesto, las metas no tienen por qué ser espectaculares –aunque para algunas personas sí es importante destacar y ser reconocidos por toda la sociedad. Lo importante, como mencionas, es que esas metas tengan sentido para ti, y puedas decir que tuviste una vida satisfactoria cuando llegue el momento de dejar este mundo.

    381. “P.S. I am thankful for the unlimited power of God. He can take you over and do His thing if you let Him. Woo! (I’m just saying.)”…sometimes lil footnotes are somethin else:))Prayer is my favorite gift to receive, and give away! Thx Kim!! Enjoyyyy the weekend:)))

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    386. Broderier falder normalt ikke specielt i min smag, men jeg kan virkelig godt lide dine små poetiske broderier. Heldige lille pige. :)

    387. Ohh ma le sliper sììììì! Sono così belle. E poi non è vero che le hanno tutte, rimbalzano da editoriale a editoriale ma io le ho viste ai piedi di poche.E dopo aver visto la preview di Charles Philip della prossima P/E le amo ancora di più.Nike no, se devo essere sportiva preferisco una All Star che è così (finto) grunge. Non farti venire i vuoti mentali, che leggerti è un piacere :)Giu

    388. I am a Phlebotomist and I worry about Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Performing routine venipunctures daily that require positioning of the needle at 15-30 degree angles. Sometimes I take on 40=50 patients a day, and this could put someone at risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thankfully I have no issues. I have been in this field for ten years.

    389. Comparto todo lo que dices para que un blog sea atractivo. Aunque cada autor debe marcarse sus objetivos… habrá quien quiera llegar a convertirse en un gurú con miles de seguidores y quien simplemente le apetezca expresar sus inquietudes sin muchas más expectativas. Un saludo y enhorabuena por el post

    390. “Alguém sabe a capital do Estado do Dakota do Norte?”É precisamente essa a pergunta Ricardo. Eu não faço a mínima ideia! E inté sei jogar xadrez e era o segundo melhor do meu bairro mos matrecos…

    391. Nou neemt het VolkskrantMagazine ook een wel wat aparte plek in qua fotografie. Net of hun uitgangspunt is: het moet zo leip mogelijk, het moet nergens op lijken. En dan krijg je portretten waar de persoon met z’n ogen dicht op staat, half/geheel ontkleed is, fel bleek geflitst, wazig gekiekt, half verscholen achter voorwerp gefotografeerd, in een zo rommelig mogelijk decor etc. Soms is er wel een leuke foto, zoals verleden week, van die saxofonist.

    392. Why are people always blaming me and my fellow Yankees for all the things that are wrong in Florida?But that reminded me of a driving story. Of course, this is your blog and it’s all about you. I wouldn’t want to be a rude Yankee and tell my story here.

    393. Check that off the list of things I was confused about.

    394. 141Admiring the hard work you put into your website and in depth information you present. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.24

    395. jos–the cream kept my arms drier than any other natural deodorant i have tried but this is not solely an anti-antiperspirant. i thought about making my own as well but i thought it might be messy and in the winter coconut oil is pretty hard in my house! i wanted to avoid a greasy mess!

    396. Förövrigt gillar jag din lista. Även om den känns alldeles för modern för en stofil som mig. :DDiablo II borde nästan fått en plats på min lista också, men det är så svårt så svårt att välja!

    397.   20 septembre 2012Bonjour Cynthia,Je pourrai ainsi emporter partout avec moi mon parfum adoré,qui hélas n’est plus disponible sur le marché…, sans en gaspiller une goutte, grâce au concept très pratique du travalo.merci pour ton blog et ta chaine youtube.J’adore ton accent.Bonne continuation.

    398. Oops, that came out wrong. I meant that we can probably all agree both on condemning violence, and that the Westboro folks’ speech is hateful (even if not legally defined “hate speech”).

    399. the article on the islamic preacher at king's college has a great reader comment on it:"Mossad – please feel free to use my passport for this hate filled preacher"

    400. “If families are so concerned about the prayer in school, we live in a free country so you can home school them or put them in relgious schools for that purpose.”Sorry to burst your bubble but taxes are extracted for public or catholic schools only.Teaching them at home while also paying for everyone elses education is double taxation. How about Education credits and let the parents decide? Will this piss off the entrenched union teachers? THEY WOULD RIOT IN THE STREETS. Only a lefty knows what is best for kids.

    401. hi,what is your opinion for Wayne RooneyWill he really leave Old Trafford?because there is now speculation that the 24 year-old could be on the move. It really wouldn’t surprise me if he did move on after all that’s gone on. However it would need to be abroad if he was to avoid the British media.

    402. Sekään ei ole vitsi, että nykyään lapset eivät useinkaan kuole tai vammaudu polioon, tuhkarokkoon tai muihin vakaviin sairauksiin. Kaikilla hoidoilla on vaaransa. Aspiriini on hyvä lääke krapulaan tai aivan muihinkin kipuihin ja sydänlääkkeeksikin se käy. Silti se tappaa vuosittain melko paljon ihmisiä.

    403. I saw pictures of the infinity pool from the side, where u get to see the edge…. And it was scary AND very high.Sad to learn you didn’t get into the NY gala :(

    404. A wonderful job. Super helpful information.

    405. Med den ekonomin Kosovo har sÃ¥ lär det ju aldrig ske.Inte ens länder med mycket bättre ekonomi än Sverige, är sÃ¥ dumma att de stÃ¥r och delar ut pengarna.Det är det ENDA sättet att strypa det som händer nu…genom att dra in varenda bidrag folk kan fÃ¥.Och sen är det kanske dags att vi utropar SkÃ¥ne som självständigt INNAN det blir muslimskt…sÃ¥ att vi kan stoppa utvecklingen./FS

    406. September 25, 2012 at 10:36 amInquisition? Crusades? Orangists? Westboro Baptist Church? Manmasi National Christian Army? National Liberation Front of Tripura ? Anders Behring Breivik (calls himself a “christian crusader”)? Ku Klux Klan? Army of God ? Lambs of Christ? Hutaree?…

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    412. They really sould remove those responsible from their jobs. The judge, the workers, etc. It just goes to show you how quickly they can destroy lives.

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