Creating An Effective Presentation (1 Of 2)

A few weeks ago I blogged about my experiences at Podcamp Pittsburgh 3. While there I did 3 effective presentations on New Media, Scaling, Building Sponsors, community, and more as a full time job. This post will explain what I have done in order to build everything literally from the ground up. I was thrilled to learn that those who attended were thrilled with the outcome, so I decided to share my thoughts:

Podcam Pittsburgh 3 Walt Ribeiro Lecture
Photo by Pomona

So what goes into an effective Presentation?

Well here’s what my presentation consisted of:

  • A computer (preferably a MAC) with an internet connection
  • A Projector in order to present the screenshot of your computer’s screen
  • Energy. Passion. Confidence.
  • A Powerpoint (for PC’s) or Keynote (for MAC’s) presentation
  • I’ve done presentations with nothing more than just me. No internet connection, no computer, no excuses. In fact, some of the best one’s I’ve done were the one’s where there was just me. you have no slideshows to cover up, you have to speak from your heart, and from your mind. Those are the most meaningful, and the most informative sessions.

    But let’s say you have internet, computers, electricity, slideshows, etc. We have the setup… now what?

    Photo by Denis from BarCampPhilly


    Whatever it is you do in life you HAVE to be passionate about it. It can be recycling, cars, chairs, music, books, eating, wine, computers, girls, boys, blogging, wordpress, video, whatever!

    Let’s take socks for example: There’s 8 Billion people in the world, which means there are 16 billion potential feet wearing socks RIGHT NOW! Imagine, so even 1/10th of 1/10th of 1% of the number of those people is still a HUGE market for that. Got it? Good. So here’s what my presentation basically consists of, although it continually progresses with new and better content, so read on…

    “Building a community as a full time job, here’s what I had to say”

    “Making it on Your Own” consists of 3 things: Content, Sponsors, Community

    Community is the goal, not sponsors. People have to ‘identify’ with you, so you have to be REAL. No one likes a mean person… no one.

    You MUST create good content. “Do it well, and do it often” is one of my favorite quote by Viral Video Genius ‘Kevin Nalts‘.

    Let the community become friends with each other, and promote that. Promote friendship, promote community, promote sharing. Make your videos Creative Commons, give your music away for free.

    Be the Last Man Standing

    If I were to have given up on this idea of teaching music lessons I would have never survived to see the benefits of my labors. Just when I wanted to give up, I made the front page of Youtube, then I was written up in the Guardian Newspaper, then things started happening. My Subscribers and mailing list and more started growing, and the community began to take shape. Revision 3 was interested in doing a Music Lesson Show, and more things happened.

    Its important to mention that as time goes on your content gets better, you network more, your community grows, and you work smarter and more efficiently. So the first step is the hardest, and everything after that is exponentially easier.

    It’s been 8 months and I’ve had ups and downs. In fact, I remember wanting to end my show multiple times. Either because I wasn’t confident in its success, or because I had bills to pay and I couldn’t survive any longer. Everybody has doubts, and you have to learn to take those losses and emotions and build off them. YOU have to those emotions, they don’t control you.

    I left my job, no looking back. This is an important step in order to force yourself to succeed. I know of a few people that work like this. When your back is against the wall, you realize that its survive or die. So this was a big step for me in my drive, passion, and work ethic in order to succeed. on the same note, Robert Kazorowski of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ often stated that he would spend more money than he made knowing that when push came to shove he’d HAVE to find a way to make the money by the end of the month to pay his rent, etc. Its psychology, so use it to your advantage.

    The way you Build your Community is by Word of Mouth. That’s it. Done. No argument here. I’ve tried every form of advertising out there. Let me save you months of trial and error: Simply answer every email, phone call, Myspace, Newsletter, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Seesmic, Emails, Forum response, Network Parties, RSS Feeds, etc. If all you did was get three new fans a day, you’ll have a self-dependent community within 3 months. That’s 90 people who are ACTIVELY on your side. But it doesn’t stop there. Those 90 people over the months may tell 2 or 3 of their friends, who may then tell a bunch of their friends about you. So in 3 months its very possible to sustain a community of 500-600 people, who all got word of month from the original 90 you reached out to.

    More on my next blog post! Go Here.

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