Internet Songs Bleed Into Kanye West, T.I. And Daft Punk

OK, so we’re starting to see the Internet reach more mainstream. Kanye West ‘Stronger‘ plays off Internet Phenomenon ‘Daft Punk’s Harder Better Faster Stronger’ which became an internet meme after ‘Daft Hands‘ youtube video. In addition, T.I.’s ‘Live Your Life‘ currently has topped the Billboard 100 with a #1 single after his play on Numa […]

7th Chords Explained In Full

7th chords allow you to add a new dimension to your harmony in your songwriting. In addition, they also create a function: Dominant movement in music. What’s a Dominant Chord mean? Well, the dominant note in a kay is the Fifth (5th) scale degree. So for example, if I’m in the key of C, then […]

Order Of Sharps And Flats

This is a continuation of my ‘Circle of Fifths‘ post. The Order of Sharps and Flats This will be another utility to use with the circle of 5ths to determine what key gets Flats or Sharps and how we determine them. Order of #‘s: F C G D A E B (a saying I like […]

Circle Of Fifths

Hello world! My name is James Dellay, some of you may see me around with the handle Jamesonwa or Jamesontop. My life has been dramatically changed just by picking up the theory and the understanding of music. I thought I would share a personal lesson I believe is ESSENTIAL to unlocking and opening a few […]

No More. I Quit. Goodbye.

I posted this video on my Youtube today, and in the past hour it already has over a hundred views and an outpour of my subscribers saying how much the title scared them. So in the way it would have effected them if I quit, think about how much you effect someone when YOU quit. […]

First Impressions Strike More Than Once

I read a recent blog post by Alex Hillman titled “I Follow You” and he mentioned how first impressions are important. Alex knows what he’s talking about, and I absolutely agree, because its like that with everything. (Approaching someone on the telephone = Don’t Stutter, make it quick, know what your saying, be patient, be […]

Creating An Effective Presentation (2 Of 2)

This is a continuation of my previous Post! Go here to read it. You have to be your biggest fan! Wear your Merchandise, be the loudest and most active member in your forum, be confident in what you do, and do it everyday. Practice what you preach OK, I tell my students that they have […]

Creating An Effective Presentation (1 Of 2)

A few weeks ago I blogged about my experiences at Podcamp Pittsburgh 3. While there I did 3 effective presentations on New Media, Scaling, Building Sponsors, community, and more as a full time job. This post will explain what I have done in order to build everything literally from the ground up. I was thrilled […]

My Appearance On Pop17 With Sarah Austin

Back in August I went to Mogulus to be on Pop17 with Sarah Austin. These past few months have been so clouded that I forgot to post it. My apologies, but you can check it out below for those who couldn’t make it that day! We talked about my Ustream show, technology, social sites like […]

Was BarCamp Philly A Success?

Here’s a screenshot of my new Twitter followers the morning after BarCamp Philly. Needless to say, it was a success! I met a ton of amazing people, and learned a lot too. What more could a geek want? So what do you think? Yes, No? Maybe…

Would You Pay For Twitter?

Twitter is an amazing website, I have over 1,100 amazing people that I keep in touch with. I’ve quickly learned it has some serious advantages in my networking and social connection that other sites can’t possibly stand up against. But one has to wonder, how will the company make money? In the beginning, most people […]

Geoff Smith One’s And O’s On UstreamTV

The other day I watched Geoff Smith kill it on his UstreamTV Channel and was absolutely floored by him. It’s funny to think of an experience over the internet as feeling one-on-one, but that’s what Geoff was able to do. He serious brought down the house… or should I say chatroom :) Which was going […]