How Annoying Am I To Follow On Twitter? My Follow Cost

So yesterday iJustine added me on her Linked In profile. I hadn’t commented on her blog in a while and figured I’d say hello. On her latest post she mentioned about Follow Cost which basically judges how annoying your twitter status’ are. Ahhh…. ::Sigh:: the magic of New Media – why does this stuff excite me so much?

My Twitter Handle is @WaltRibeiro, and my FollowCost isn’t too shabby!

Follow-Cost Walt Ribeiro

So I asked My Twitter followers if they thought I was annoying, and here’s what a few of them had to say:

@Ropiko: there aren’t annoying:) they are full of information and passion:)

@Secretidcrisis: You aren’t nearly as annoying as many twitterers. Just read the newsletter, it really spoke to things I’ve been thinking. Thx!

@PatrickDunlap: twitterings fun while being bored isn’t it?

@Brandywine: I don’t find them annoying. They’re informative and entertaining – nothing wrong with that

@Jason_z: Very! Just kidding, I don’t think they are annoying at all. You’d have to be spamming for them to get annoying.

@LeReidy: Nah they are not annoying. I enjoy them. Brandywine’s are extremely annoying though.

@Phoenixp3k: Not annoying compared to some Web celebrities I won’t name. I like your tweets (not to ofter, nor to few)

@OperatorError: Well, if you were bad I would have stopped following you

So there it is! Apparently I’m not that bad… yet! but when I start going mobile, and having more news to feed, then hopefully everyone still shows the love.

I love social media, and I must say I’m finding it to be amazing. But, apparently @ChrisBrogan‘s is worse than mine :) His FollowCost was explosive :) All those peeps that I meet at Podcamps and more are amazing. Whether its the New Media Expo, Blogworld, or just out for some Karaoke. I’m starting to really enjoy Twitter, as well as Seesmic, and more. new Media is amazing to me. I love technology.


  1. That’s a cool little site there, Walt. I find it hilarious that they measure annoyance in “milliscobles”.

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