Note Duration Per Measure

This video about Note Duration’s Per Measure explains how many beats you can achieve within a measure in music. If a Time Signature in music is in 4/4, it doesn’t necessarily mean you receive 4 quarter notes in that measure. Rather, it means you receive the duration of 4 quarter notes – which could mean any permutation of notes adding up to 4 full beats.

Still confused? Don’t be, simply watch the tutorial above until you understand it – I promise you’ll get it!


  1. Love what you’re doing here. I played flute for 6 years, and tried to play guitar but I gave up. It’s cool that you’re helping people learn about music.

  2. Love what you’re doing here. I played flute for 6 years, and tried to play guitar but I gave up. It’s cool that you’re helping people learn about music.

  3. Awesome, Walt. Great seeing you in the ‘Burgh!

  4. Awesome, Walt. Great seeing you in the ‘Burgh!

  5. Bob Dylan

    Hey man if its quarter note triplets… it is 3 quarter notes in the space of two… if it is a 16th note quintuplet like you have on this lesson… than it is 5 16 notes in the space of what? would it be in the space of 4 16th notes?

  6. Nikhil

    Awesome, I appreciate you helping people to learn music. I am trying to learn piano n still hearing your tutorial help me a lot.

  7. Nikhil

    Awesome, I appreciate you helping people to learn music. I am trying to learn piano n still hearing your tutorial help me a lot.

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  307. Andrew – Arlene Hunt hits the spot, no doubt, and Elmore Leonard is superb … and Carl Hiassen is a brilliant example of comedy in crime – as is Donald Westlake. You’ll enjoy the Bateman book … and if you do, you might want to check out Twenty Major’s debut. There is a tendency these days to wallow in darkness, and often for the sake of it … it’s getting to the point where there’s a pornographic quality to the violence and gore. Not big, not clever …The Greeks believed that tragedy was simply underdeveloped comedy …Cheers, Dec

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