How Microphones Work

This lesson is from my Revision3 Show titled ‘Your Weekly Music Lesson with Walt‘. This week we learned ‘how Microphones Work’. So check out the Video below! Microphones are an example of a transducer. A transducer converts energy from one form to another. So in this example they convert acoustical energy (sound waves) into electrical […]

Why Creative Commons Rocks!

Creative Commons is the new Copyright. I refer to it as Copyright 2.0 Why is this important, well, because my music is licensed Creative Commons which allows people to use my music, mash it up, and do what they want with it. Here’s the license which allows you to remix, mash-up, do whatever you like. […]

Music Modes Explained

OK, so yesterday I wrote a post about the Modes in music. Think of the modes as being a simple loaf of bread. Now… cut that loaf into 7 separate slices, and imagine every slice being a mode. If you combine all the slices (or modes) then you’ll realize they combine to make a whole. […]

Improvising On Scales And Modes

OK well there are two questions here that I get asked alot: 1.) How can I improvise on scales/modes? The best way to simply improvise is to get a Drum Machine, or something that keeps a beat, like a metronome. As you practice, you won’t e dependant on a drummer, or soeone who will have […]


[display_podcast] There are Six strings on the guitar (EADGBE) but if you tune them accordingly to DADGBE, then that is called DAD-GAD tuning. Likeso, taking those same strings you can tune them to any notes you want, but another tuning is GGDGBD. Try your own tuning and see what you come up with!

Top 10 Best Guitar Tab Sites

OK so for all you Guitar players, here’s the best Tablature sites out there. TABS are simply a way to read the guitar by numbers rather than by reading Music. Wanna learn that new Pearl Jam, Jonathan Coulton, Brad Sucks, Rolling Stones, Britney Spears track? Well then look no further – these sites have the […]

Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 Thoughts And Experiences

I’ve said it before: “New Media is magical – not because of the technology, but because of the people.” PCPGH3 was no exception. It was a blast, met amazing people, learned cool things, and got to become part of a beautiful city for a weekend! Here’s what I learned about Pittsburgh: The 28X Bus Route […]

Note Duration Per Measure

This video about Note Duration’s Per Measure explains how many beats you can achieve within a measure in music. If a Time Signature in music is in 4/4, it doesn’t necessarily mean you receive 4 quarter notes in that measure. Rather, it means you receive the duration of 4 quarter notes – which could mean […]


The definition for a Triplet in music is simply “Three notes in the space of two”. So if you have Eighth note triplets in music, then its “3 Eighth notes in the space of 2 Eighth notes”. Since 2 eighth notes equal 1 quarter note (1 beat), then Eighth note triplets are three notes played […]

Triplets In Music Explained!

This video is based off my Youtube Music Channel. Swing and Straight Eights and Triplets are important to learn. There are tons of examples of them in all the music you listen to everyday – but you never even realize it. An example of triplets in music is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Listen to the piece […]